Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic call distribution, based on CRM fields, to connect callers to the agent best suited to help, avoiding lengthy hold times and complex phone menus.

Human Voice Detection

Advanced AI algorithms detect the difference between a real person and a recording; automatically connecting you with a live person so you can have more meaningful conversations.

International phone numbers

Get local, mobile, and toll-free phone numbers in 65+ countries around the world, including Australia, France, Israel, the Philippines, South Africa, and the UK.

Compliant Caller

With Kixie’s regulatory DNC (Do Not Call) compliance feature and proprietary algorithm, it’s easy to stay compliant with DNC regulations without bogging your agents down with unnecessary manual list-checking

Caller ID Reputation

Kixie’s phone number reputation management tools prevent your phone numbers from showing up as “Spam Risk” or “Scam Likely” on the phones of your prospective and existing customers.

Global coverage, one price

The same low rates no matter where you call from, with unlimited calls to and from the US & Canada offered for any country your business operates in.

Custom Voicemail

Create a custom voicemail using text-to-speech, upload an mp3, or record a message inside the app to field calls when you can’t answer them.

Toll-free numbers

Affordable toll-free numbers in 40+ countries make it free and easy for customers to call you, no matter where your company operates from.

Ring to external device

Get incoming calls forwarded to another phone number instantly, including deskphones, mobile phones, landlines, or even another VoIP provider.

Find-me / Follow-me

Create custom paths for incoming calls to route through multiple devices, so you can answer calls from wherever you are.

Simultaneous ring

Set incoming calls to ring to multiple devices simultaneously, without any lag time or extra rings.

Call without internet connection

Leverage your cell network to place and receive calls through Kixie with even the weakest internet connection.

Block numbers

Easily add unwanted callers to a block list which allows you to block calls, texts or both. Update or remove numbers from the list any time.

Business SMS

Send and receive text messages from one number or many. All texts are stored in one central location in the Kixie dashboard, and logged automatically in your CRM.

Auto-forward to phone

Automatically forward calls to your cell phone or other device any time you’re away from your desk and Kixie is closed.

Desk phones

Program your VoIP enabled desk phone to work seamlessly with Kixie, so you can enjoy all the benefits of Kixie’s advanced features with the old-school feel of a physical phone.

Missed call alerts

Get missed call alerts delivered to your email inbox, along with desktop and mobile app notifications.

Call conferencing

Get a dedicated conference line that anyone can dial into any time you’re on the line. Or, simply merge as many calls as you like to create an impromptu conference call

Mobile app

Get Kixie on the go with our mobile app for iOS and Android phones. Place calls, check text messages, and more on your mobile device.

Call recording

Automatic call recording with unlimited free cloud storage gives you a record of every call. Recordings are also accessible in your CRM or conversation intelligence software when integrated with Kixie.

Two-party consent compliance

Stay compliant with FCC and TCPA regulations with call recordings that are automatically disabled for calls to two-party consent states and regions. Notify incoming callers of call recording with a custom greeting played before every call.

IVR auto-attendant

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology with custom recordings allow callers to navigate to the correct department without taking up your agents’ valuable time.

Ring groups

Set incoming calls to ring to a group of agents simultaneously, in a specific order, or in a round robin. Layer with IVRs and call queues for a highly capable, endlessly customizable call center experience.

National Do Not Call Registry Compliance

Automatically ensure your team stays compliant with the FCC and FTCs regulations regarding the National Do Not Call Registry

Inbound call queues

More incoming calls than available agents? No problem. Queue up incoming calls and greet callers with their estimated wait time, place in the queue, and options to leave a voicemail or request a call back.

Business hours & time-based routing

Set company-wide business hours to route calls depending on date and time, or set specific business hours for teams, groups, IVRs and queues.


Set custom extensions for every user, and dial teammates’ extensions with a single click in your company directory.

Virtual call center

Keep your whole team in sync, no matter where in the world they’re working from, with unified reporting, real time call data, leaderboards, and live call boards.

Call routing

Route calls between agents, groups, external devices and more, with straightforward setup from your Kixie dashboard.

Warm transfer

Chat with teammates before transferring calls, so they’re already briefed before they’re connected with the caller.

Shared voicemail inbox

Automatically send voicemails to a group email, or to multiple different email addresses for teamwork made easy.

Custom greetings

Set a custom greeting for incoming calls to a ring group, call queue, or your direct number.


Automatically prompt agents to call back customers when they request a callback from the inbound call queue menu.

Desktop notifications

Get notifications on your desktop or notification center for every incoming call, text, or voicemail.

Screen pop

Any time you’re getting an incoming call, the Kixie dialer will automatically pop to the front of your screen if it is behind other windows or on a different desktop.

Ring on speakers

Set incoming calls to ring on your computer speakers or other audio devices so that you hear it even if you’re away from your desk.

Parallel calls

Put a call on hold and accept an incoming call or place an outbound call. Repeat as many times as you need – just don’t forget about those people waiting for you!

Conversation Intelligence

Conversation Intelligence platform to track sales calls, coach your team, and maintain comprehensive records in your CRM.

Call center analytics

See visual reports on everything from connection rate to dispositions, all in one central location in your Kixie dashboard.

Filter & search tools

Filter, sort, and search call and SMS history to find any call or text that came through Kixie for the entire history of your account.

Self-serve modifications

Make changes to your account, including adding and removing users and phone numbers, anytime, anywhere.

Live call coaching

Listen in on calls in real time to train new hires, or let new hires listen in on your best agents’ calls. Whisper directly to an agent to coach, or barge into a call and save the day.

Campaign & session management

Create, update, and manage PowerLists and PowerDialing campaigns from within the Kixie dashboard.

Live call board

View real-time information on the activities of every agent, including the CRM contact data of the person they’re currently speaking with.

Reporting dashboard

Track live and historic call/team/number activity and analytics at a centralized place.

Business Snapshot

A high-level overview of your team or business’ call data, including inbound and outbound call volume, connections, talk time, and missed calls – all in one place. Plus, view how your top agents are performing across these data points.

Live Leaderboards

Keep tabs on the performance of your agents, teams, and call queues with real-time leaderboards. Choose which metrics are most important to display on the big screen, and encourage healthy competition across the office.

Bi-directional CRM integration

Calls, texts, outcomes, activities, and more, all synced automatically with your CRM. Bi-directional integration with all leading CRMs, including HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zoho, and many more.

Slack integration

Get slack notifications for your team’s missed calls, voicemails, and text messages in a dedicated Slack channel, or mix it in with any team chat for group accountability.

Zapier integration

Combine automated calling and texting with over 3000+ other apps to eliminate tedious, repetitive tasks and unlock more hours in your workday.

Task scheduler

Schedule tasks & follow-ups from within your Kixie dialer, automatically logged in your CRM, calendar app, or wherever else you keep your appointments.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Easily integrate with a wide variety of sales technology with a single click, enabling you to improve customer experience, create custom workflows, and increase productivity across teams.

Webhooks & API

Open API and webhook access gives teams the ability to integrate with thousands of software applications for practically limitless opportunities to improve processes and productivity.

New lead creation

Any time you make or receive a call from a number that isn’t already in your CRM, Kixie automatically creates a new CRM contact for the number, with a contact name or company scraped from web databases.

Call disposition logging

Log default and custom dispositions in your CRM automatically after every call with just one click.

Local presence

Create your own custom pool of your very own numbers, for one low price. Switch out numbers for free if they’ve been flagged as “spam” after too many calls.


Automatically call from a local number on every call, without having to worry about appearing as “Telemarketer” or “Spam Risk” on caller ID. ConnectionBoost is the industry’s most affordable solution for local presence on any scale.

Progressive Caller ID

Call from a different local number each time you call a prospect, so you don’t have to worry about trying to reach them multiple times in a single day.

Voicemail drop

Save hours every day by skipping the voicemail while still leaving a message. Create unlimited voicemail drop recordings, so you’ve got something for every situation already queued up.

SMS templates

Create custom SMS templates with dynamic fields to send a text with the click of a button as a follow up to a call or on its own.


PowerCall combines our multi-line PowerDialer, ConnectionBoost local presence, bi-directional CRM integration, and other advanced features to get your team more connections in fewer dials.

Multi-line PowerDialer

Auto-dial up to ten numbers simultaneously, while automatic answer detection ensures you’re connected only with contacts who answer the phone.

Sales Dialer

Kixie uses industry-leading CRM integration and powerful automation tools to eliminate the boring tasks between calls.


Instantly call any number on any website with a single click. From your CRM to the Yelp page of the restaurant you’re going to for your team lunch, the call is just a click away.


Send a text message to any phone number on any website. Start your message with a single click on the SMS icon; no more copying and pasting numbers into your dialer or getting out your cell phone to send a text.

Outbound call and text cadences

Create automated calling and texting cadences for a structured outreach approach that takes you from cold lead to closed deal with ease.

Sales leaderboard

View daily metrics in real time with a live call leaderboard that fosters friendly competition and boosts productivity.

Customized Caller ID

The customized caller ID option allows agents to select which number to use as their outbound caller ID.

Team SMS

Create a shared inbox for SMS messages to your business' phone number – allowing multiple agents to see and respond to incoming texts without the risk of duplicate or contradictory messages.

Scheduled auto-calls

Easily schedule an automatic call to go out on a future date, based on a calendar event in your CRM, Google or Outlook Calendar.

Automated lead caller

Achieve the fastest speed-to-lead with automated calling based on completed web forms, email opens, or link clicks.

Scheduled SMS

Schedule automated SMS to be sent based on calendar events, CRM tasks, and more.

Auto-SMS from call outcomes

Send automated followup text messages simply by dispositioning a call in your Kixie dialer.

Custom automations

Create custom automations for calls, texts, or both to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your team.

Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic call distribution uses no-code automation to connect callers to the agent best suited to help, avoiding lengthy hold times and complex phone menus.