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Sales Managers for business

Help your reps respond faster and sell more

Sales managers can use Kixie to get accountability accross their team through detailed analytics, increase the efficacy of their sales teams efforts through advanced dialing features, and even create essentially a second sales team consisting of advanced auto-dialing/auto-texting automations - all of which is integrated directly into your CRM.


Call Analytics

Instant access to call analytics both in your CRM and inside Kixie’s dashboard to ensure your reps meet their KPI’s. You can monitor everything from your reps’ outbound calls and texts, to their missed call rate, and even the rate at which their outbound calls actually connect with live people.

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Live Call Coaching

Help train you reps on every call. Kixie's call coaching features allows you to engage with your agents calls in real time.

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Automate in Two Different Ways with Kixie to Double the Efficacy of Your Sales Team

1. The ability to trigger automations within your CRM to do everything from automatically sending followup emails after a call that is commensurate with how the call went, moving deals in the pipeline automatically, creating followup activities, creating support tickets, etc. Basically the ability to automate the busy work your reps are responsible for after and between phone calls. 2. The ability to create call and text campaigns through your CRM at are not only proscriptive ( a lead as soon as they enter the pipeline, then on days 4,6 and 12) but also dynamic (eg. auto-dial a lead the moment they open a particular email you've sent and are 4-5x as likely to answer).

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Kixie requires no system changes and is compatible with most CRMs