CRM Integration

Shouldn’t your CRM and your dialer be together? Using an easy, 1 click setup with the CRM of your choice including Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce and Zoho provides you a seamless integration with Kixie. No complex setup, no custom programming. Just you and your reps dialing with full CRM integration in minutes!

Your CRM, Fully Integrated

Your CRM is the brains of your sales operation so you need all of your data to be quickly and easily stored without giving your salespeople headaches.

It’s your time, get it back

You love your CRM, but you dislike the time it takes to log every activity for every call. Get that time back! Using a Bi-Directional CRM sync, Kixie will automatically log calls with lifetime call recordings, call dispositions, scheduled tasks and notes. Never manually log your activity again and reclaim your time!

CRM data for every call

Have the info you need right at your fingertips. Kixie’s CTI based integration allows you and your reps to view relevant CRM data directly within the dialer. Easily view data including dealsize, deal owner, contact name and email.

Set up For Success

Success reporting can be set up in your CRM or in Kixie. You'll be able to see activity volume for SMS, Phone Calls, VoiceMails and more simply by setting up a couple of activity types in your CRM.

Time to employ a more intelligent phone system?

Kixie requires no system changes and is compatible with most CRMs

See What Else Kixie Can Do

CRM Integration is just the beginning. Kixie's customers save a lot of time and experience increased Talk Time because of Kixie's technology.

Call Coaching image
Call Coaching

Strong coaching makes a strong team. Utilize Kixie’s Call Coaching tools to train your reps into sales juggernauts.

Call Coaching
Sales Cadence image
Sales Cadence

Harness the power of your CRM with automations utilizing Kixie’s seamless CRM integration and manage your sales cadence with ease.

Sales Cadence
AI Local Presence image
AI Local Presence

Using AI Local Presence doesn't mean you have to sacrifice CRM data. Kixie is the only local presence dialer that integrates with multiple CRMs, including Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zoho and many more.

AI Local Presence

"It is so convenient and user-friendly and integrates well with the CRM that I use for work."

Jessica B. | Sales Representative

I enjoy using kixie and all of its features. It is so convenient and user-friendly and integrates well with the CRM that I use for work. I find very few issues with my calls, and the support team is phenomenal! It also stores past calls and makes it easy to go back and review for learning purposes. Thank-you kixie!

AI Local Presence

Enjoy 500% more pick-ups as you dial across the US and internationally with local presence phone numbers.

Voicemail Drop

Save time by leaving voicemails while you move on to the next dial. Record as many voicemails as you like.


Load up a list of prospective customers and efficiently dial down the list in or anywhere on the web.

Any Device. Anywhere.

Deskphone, mobile phone, or computer with headset – Kixie has you covered. Your contacts will be with you.

Live Call Coaching

Listen to live calls as they are happening. Barge in to help out or simply whisper only to your agent to help close the deal.

Call Recordings

Record calls and store them in to listen to help with coaching or revisiting prospective clients caught in a long sales cycle.

Custom Call Dispostions

Enable your team to use dispositions in with your own sales lingo and process.

Reporting Insights

Quickly identify rock stars and poor performers by reviewing call metrics over any time period.

Screen Pops

Deal size, company information, name and location – data pushed to your screen for every incoming call.