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Marketing Teams for business

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With Kixie, marketing teams can create a direct link between their marketing efforts and increased sales activity by utilizing advanced automations to do thing like having a marketing email campaign where recipients are auto-dialed/auto-texted by the sales team the moment the open an email (when they are 4-5 times as likely to answer the call!).


Tie Marketing Efforts Directly to Sale Through AutoCall & Texting of Prospects Triggered Off of Email Opens

You can finally directly attribute marketing efforts to successful sales calling by giving sales teams the opportunity to auto-dial prospects the minute they open a marketing email (when they are 4-5 times as likely to answer the call!).

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Kixie Integrates with Email Platforms Such as Mailchimp and Activecampaign

Our integration with a variety of not only CRM’s but also email providers allow for auto-dialing and auto-texting tied to various email campaigns you’re already running.

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Add AutoTexting and AutoCalling to Your Company's Chat Bot

Kixie allows for the AutoCall and AutoTexting of website leads through chat bots such as Intercom to draw in more MQL’s and take better advantage of the web traffic you’re already generating.

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Kixie requires no system changes and is compatible with most CRMs