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Sales Development for business

Give Your Sales Development Team the Tools they Need!

Kixie is perfect for SDR's/BDR's, in that we help teams connect with more prospects in less time thorugh advanced dialing features that increase pickup rates and powerful automations of calling & texting that act like having a second sales team working on your behalf.


Save Time Between Calls with Automation

The ability to trigger automations within your CRM to do everything from automatically sending followup emails after a call that is commensurate with how the call went, moving deals in the pipeline automatically, creating followup activities, creating support tickets, etc. Basically the ability to automate the busy work your reps are responsible for after and between phone calls.

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Voicemail Drops

Kixie’s AI Voicemail Drop lets your reps spend that time selling. Through automatic beep detection, your reps can quickly leave a voicemail when they hear the greeting with just a single click of a button.

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Text Templates

Take advantage of another channel of communication to help schedule demo’s through CRM integrated texting with text templates to make it even more efficient and effective

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Kixie requires no system changes and is compatible with most CRMs