Modern Telephony

for Smart Sales Teams

Make all of your calls searchable,
trackable and archived in your CRM.

Call Recordings inside your CRM!

  • Search, Track and listen to any customer conversation in your CRM
  • Easily reference previous conversations before a call or even during a call

Never Miss Another Lead!

  • Sync every call with your CRM -- any device, anywhere, anytime
  • Manage your sales team more effectively with analytics and metrics

Increase Call Volume by 20%!

  • Boost sales reps call volume with click-to-call and eliminate manual data entry
  • Never miss another lead with automated activity follow-up

HD Voice and Feature Rich Telephony

We take telephony serious because the phone is the lifeblood of your business. We have all of the phone features your business needs: HD quality voice, Virtual Receptionist, Local numbers, Toll-free numbers, Call routing, find-me follow-me, greetings, voicemail, business SMS and so much more

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Lily Lee - Director of Customer Service

The call quality has been amazing! With our previous browser-based phone service, we were constantly getting dropped calls and could not transfer calls. We have seen no dropped calls with Kixie and we can now seamlessly transfer calls. Kixie's phone service and Zendesk integration has been a life saver for my team!

Stephen Daniels - Sales Operations Manager

We closed our biggest account, a nationawide florist, worth over 1 million a year, using Kixie service. I loved how Kixie was not just a browser based calling solution, but still allowed mobility and had a seamless “apple-like” integration with Salesforce. My sales people did not have to change any processes at all.

Charlene Chao - Founder

Kixie's sales productivity phone service has been automatically making us money. Their service has automatically recovered missed leads for us and in the first two months, we have already seen an ROI of 1000%! We did not have to change a single business process either.

Seamless Docs
Marc Ende - Director of business development

​I was evaluating Kixie and a competitor and I decided to choose Kixie because of their great customer service and willingness to solve MY phone problems, not someone else's. They listened to our sales ops phone inefficiencies and worked with me to come to a great solution. Also, I loved the ability to trial the phones to validate the quality of the service.