New Feature: AI Sales Insights with Conversation Intelligence
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Native CRM

Phone & SMS Integration for HubSpot

Close more deals with seamless calling and texting from HubSpot.

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Take the work out of admin work

Boost productivity and win rate when you integrate your phone calls and texts with HubSpot. Integrate with a single click to eliminate 80% of the busywork from sales and spend more time closing deals and crushing quota.

Dial uninterrupted – send follow up emails and move deals to the next stage with a single click.

Never forget a new lead – create and update contacts automatically when you call with Kixie.

Breathe easy – your calls, texts, recordings and outcomes are logged automatically.

quick and easy

Integration Setup

Integrating Kixie with HubSpot takes just a few clicks, with no further setup or configuration required. All Kixie plans have a native integration with all versions of HubSpot CRM (including the free version), and require no additional software to set up or use.

efficient automation

Native call & text logging

  • Calls: Kixie automatically logs all calls to the appropriate lead or contact page in HubSpot as native HubSpot calls.
  • Text messages: Kixie logs all inbound and outbound text messages in HubSpot as native HubSpot SMS.
  • Call recording: Kixie logs all call recordings as part of every logged call. Kixie provides unlimited free cloud storage for all call recordings for the lifetime of your account.
  • Call outcomes: Call outcomes and notes logged in the Kixie dialer appear on the contact record as Closed Tasks.
  • Schedule a followup task: During or after a call, users can schedule a Task in HubSpot from inside the Kixie dialer.
  • Associated pages: All of the above items are also logged on any account or opportunity pages associated with the contact/lead.

intuitive integration

HubSpot Workflows

Kixie integrates with HubSpot Workflows to trigger automations that save your reps time. Using Kixie actions that complement your existing workflows, Kixie can perform AutoDial and AutoSMS activities that let you dynamically follow-up with inbound and outbound leads.

hubspot friendly

Conversation Intelligence

Kixie has a native integration with HubSpot's Conversation Intelligence feature, meaning each call you make (or receive) with Kixie isn't just logged automatically as a native HubSpot call (with native HubSpot call types and outcomes), it's also automatically transcribed and analyzed. You'll get a searchable transcript of every call, along with valuable insights to help your team reach peak performance.


Contact info

Any time a call is made to or received from a HubSpot contact, Kixie automatically displays that contact's pertinent information (such as name, title, company, deal and deal size, and email address) in the Kixie dialer. HubSpot contact info can also be edited or updated inside the Kixie dialer during or after the call.

"Kixie is an outstanding solution that goes beyond just 'integrating' with HubSpot and actually becomes part of your stack seamlessly." — Doug Wendt | Management Consulting, 6 to 10 employees

Simply the best HubSpot phone integration

Turn HubSpot into a full-fledged sales engagement platform with powerful calling and texting features.

  • Reach 4x more leads with advanced AI-powered local presence
  • Save up to 3 hours a day with voicemail drop and SMS templates
  • PowerDial up to 10 leads in parallel from your HubSpot contacts
  • See a 200% increase in connection rate using Automated LeadCaller

Streamline efforts and empower users

Kixie provides an incredibly powerful set of tools to help streamline efforts across sales teams. From their automated calling and texting to their advanced call reporting and workflows, their integration empowers HubSpot users to organize and manage customers thoughtfully. We’re lucky to have such a powerful integration in our App Marketplace!

— Jake Morgan | HubSpot App Partner Manager

Trusted by 5000+ sales teams worldwide

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Ready to employ a more intelligent phone system?

Kixie requires no system changes and is compatible with most CRMs

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