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Account Executives for business

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The top AE teams in the world use Kixie to not only track activity and automate their busy-work in their CRM, but also utilize powerful dialing features which increase pickup rates, and auto-dialing/auto-texting campaigns right through that very same CRM.


Automated Calling & Texting

Harness the power of artificial intelligence with Kixie PowerCall to automatically trigger calls straight from your CRM. Connect with prospects in real-time as soon as they submit a form or visit your pricing page. Never again miss a hot lead as AutoDialer brings the prospects to you. Research shows that making immediate contact with leads boosts the chances of closing by 9x times. Control which reps get which calls and even connect Kixie to cell phones so your reps never miss an inbound call again.

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Automation to Complete Busy Work After and Between calls

Trigger automation within your CRM to do everything from automatically sending follow up emails, to moving deals in the pipeline automatically, to creating followup activities, and even creating support tickets. Basically the ability to automate the busy work your reps are responsible for after and between phone calls.

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Advanced CRM Integration

Your reps don’t need to spend time updating the CRM thanks to intelligent CRM logging. Keep reps focused on selling as Kixie intelligently updates deal status and schedules follow-up activities for them. Automatically respond to queries with email and leave Kixie to sync updated data to the correct contact every time status changes.

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Kixie requires no system changes and is compatible with most CRMs