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Don’t guess how well your agents are doing – see it in real time instead. View visual reports on everything from connection rate to dispositions, all in one central location in your Kixie dashboard.

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Dialed in

View agent-by-agent reports, call outcomes sorted by disposition, estimated time saved by team and agent, and more.

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See all relevant contact center data in the Reporting section of the Kixie dashboard.

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Live data

Get a real-time snapshot of your call queues to see how you can optimize performance.

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Analytics to reach your highest potential.

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Comprehensive dashboard

View all of the data and analytics you need to make deeply informed decisions for your customer-facing teams, all in one central reporting dashboard.

Local Presence is a game changer

The local presence feature ensures that I am going to get a higher pick up rate than if I was making calls on my own! The analytics provide me with enough information about where, when, and how to make better calls and keeps track of my calls in a way that helps me under the efficiency of those calls better.

Nick B.

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