New Feature: AI Sales Insights with Conversation Intelligence

Human Voice Detection

More Live Connections: IVR & Answering Machine Detection (AMD)

Level up your team’s outbound calling with AI-powered Machine Detection. Kixie’s PowerDialer with Human Voice Detection uses heuristic algorithms to determine if a call is answered by a real human, automatically skipping voicemails and phone trees to ensure the maximum number of live conversations.

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Higher Productivity

With fewer interruptions from voicemails and automated phone systems, sales representatives can maintain a consistent flow of live conversations. Increased productivity translates to more opportunities for lead generation, nurturing, and closing deals.

Increased Sales Pipeline

By reducing time spent on voicemails and phone trees, your sales team can accelerate the sales pipeline’s movement. Quickening the pace at which leads move through the pipeline allows for shorter sales cycles and faster revenue generation.

Keep better records

Breathe easy. Every call, text, outcome and recording is logged in your CRM automatically, so you don’t have to worry about taking perfect notes or wonder when you last contacted a lead. Sales is stressful enough – don’t let your tech stack add to the pressure.

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IVR & Voicemail Detection — one component in a rich suite of features

Take a look at the other features Kixie has to offer:

Sales starts with a conversation

Advanced AI algorithms detect the difference between a real person and a recording; automatically connecting you with a live person so you can have more meaningful conversations.

More Conversation AI features

10x Productivity

Boost productivity up to 10x — the Kixie PowerDialer automatically dials up to 10 numbers in parallel, while our AI detects recordings and adjusts the number of lines dialed to optimize (human) connection rates.


More Opportunities

Maximize your connected calls without missing potential connections. Human Voice Detection continuously optimizes how many numbers are PowerDialed by learning from past connection rates.

More ways to boost connections

Kixie is excellent for the price and has every feature a sales team / leader needs

I like the auto dialer & the local presence feature. I was specifically looking for this feature to increase contact rate. I also like that my sales team can go back and review their calls for personal development. Kixie also can text from the dialer - and I can go back and check the texts and give feedback.

Gina B. | Sales Development Manager

CRM Integration

Calling & texting integrated with any toolset.

Kixie has self-serve, out-of-the-box integrations with 25+ leading CRMs, helpdesks, conversation intelligence, automation platforms, and productivity tools. Webhooks and open API means our US-based team of experts will help you set up seamless integrations with thousands more.

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