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Follow-up within a few minutes or immediately after someone engages with your company. Achieve the fastest speed-to-lead with automated calling based on completed web forms, email opens, or link clicks.

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Your dialer can do better

Turn your dialer + CRM into a real sales engagement platform with lightning quick follow-up. Automate calls to be placed when someone completes an action on your site, allowing an available rep to reach out while the lead is still thinking about your brand.

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Supercharged speed-to-lead

Choose to automate an outbound call within an hour, minutes, or immediately after someone submits a form on your website – when they’re more likely to purchase from you. Go from lead to closed deal seamlessly.

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Re-engage old leads

Notice someone is consistently opening your emails, but never takes the next step? Trigger an automated call from an agent the next time they open your email, so you can close the deal!

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Discover how Kixie can save you time and help you connect with more leads.

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Swift and responsive

Never miss another incoming lead or forget to follow up again with automations that can react to real-world events in the blink of an eye. Everything from form submissions to calendar events can trigger automated calls and texts that go out from your own phone number.

Amazing for a VOIP Phone system, Great for Sales Teams

We had an issue where some of our potential clients wouldn't be contacted right away when they filled out a lead and it would take a few hours or a day to contact them. Some of the time by the next day the client would have gone with a different company and therefore we lose the sale. We inquired with Kixie about this and they recommended a feature called LeadCaller. LeadCaller round-robins our sales team when people call in. This feature is invaluable and has allowed us to streamline the process of getting people on the phone right away when they enter information to be contacted about our products and has led to more sales.

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