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ConnectionBoost is the industry’s easiest and most affordable solution for local presence on any scale. Automatically call from a local number on every call, without having to worry about appearing as “Telemarketer” or “Spam Risk” on caller ID.

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Avoid spam

Switch out numbers for free if they’ve been flagged as “spam” after too many calls.

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50,000+ numbers

With ConnectionBoost, gain access to thousands of numbers via AI-powered global local presence.

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Caller ID

Change your phone number every time you call, so you never use the same number twice in a row. Perfect for outbound calling.

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Discover how Kixie can save you time and help you connect with more leads.

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3 calling tools in 1

Enjoy a higher number of connections by leveraging all 3 ConnectionBoost tools: local presence, progressive caller ID, and spam detection. ConnectionBoost is the industry gold standard for affordable and effective local presence for any business size.

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Kixie has made my calling tasks tremendously easier to accomplish. The texting feature is unmatched! I save a bunch of time! Also people actually answer the phone because of the Connection Boost feature!

Jay N. | Mid-market (51-1000 emp.) company

CRM Integration

Calling & texting integrated with any toolset.

Kixie has self-serve, out-of-the-box integrations with 25+ leading CRMs, helpdesks, conversation intelligence, automation platforms, and productivity tools. Webhooks and open API means our US-based team of experts will help you set up seamless integrations with thousands more.

Frequently asked questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, contact us here.

Most major cell carriers in the United States assign a Scam Likely score to each phone number, similar to a credit score. There are factors that can increase your likelihood of showing up as scam or spam likely in outbound calls, such as having a short number history, many missed calls, and a high ratio of outbound to inbound calls. Avoiding these factors can help your number become trusted by cell carriers, and less likely to be flagged as spam or scam likely.

Kixie only uses real phone numbers. Any number that you purchase through Kixie or use via ConnectionBoost is a real phone number. The use of spoofed numbers is generally frowned upon and can get you into legal trouble in certain situations.

Kixie’s AI-powered spam number detection methodology makes ongoing tests on all numbers in Kixie’s shared number pool, and assigns its own spam/scam likely score to each number based on historical and current data. If the number is scored as spam, the system automatically removes and replaces that number with a fresh one. Thanks to this methodology, Kixie’s phone numbers are 5x more likely to be trusted by cell carriers in the US, boosting the connection rate on outbound phone calls.

Local presence calling allows you to call with any local area code in the US, and many local area codes in Canada and 65+ countries across the world, and match the area code of your prospect in outbound calling campaigns. Kixie’s local presence dialing increases your chances of connecting with a new lead by over 300% when compared to calling with an out-of-state or toll-free number.

Yes, ConnectionBoost is FCC compliant. At Kixie, we only use real numbers and follow all relevant FCC and TCPA regulations, including STIR/SHAKEN standards and recent 10DLC regulations.

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