Sales Dialer Comparison Guide: Power Dialer vs Auto Dialer vs Predictive Dialer

Sales Dialer Comparison Guide: Power Dialer vs Auto Dialer vs Predictive Dialer | Telephones for business

On average, a sales representative will need to place six calls for every successful sale they make. This means that the more efficient the phone calling process is, the more conversions they can make. Finding ways to cut down on wasted calling time is vital to a solid outbound sales strategy. One of the best ways to reduce that lost time and save on labor costs is through the use of a sales dialer.

What is a Sales Dialer?

A sales dialer is an outbound sales software that facilitates faster cold calling by automating the connection process. It might not seem like much, but the 15-30 seconds it takes to find the next phone number and accurately dial it in adds up. Not only that, but it diverts your reps attention away from their primary focus: the call itself.

With a multi-line auto dialer, your team can dial up to ten different numbers at once, multiplying your daily call volume and increasing your overall conversion rate. While an auto dialer is the current industry standard, it isn’t your only option; what type of dialer system you choose will be determined by your unique outbound sales strategy.

What are the Different Types of Sales Dialers?

Most dialing systems fall into one of three categories: Auto Dialing, Predictive Dialing, and Power Dialing. Each type has its own set of benefits and drawbacks; what kind you choose will depend on your team’s specific needs and your overall sales objectives.

Auto Dialer

Auto dialing software selects a single number from a list, automatically dialing them the second a sales rep hangs up the previous call. The dialer will then continue down the list in a pre-programmed sequence. Auto dialing programs also tend to have basic features like call waiting, and can be good tools for smaller organizations with lower sales volume.

Benefits of an Auto Dialer

  • More Focused Sales: If your team is dealing with high-value clients or larger one-time sales, an autodialer can be the better choice.
  • Reduce Call Abandonment: Call abandonment occurs when a caller is disconnected or hangs up before a successful connection can be made with a sales rep. Autodialers help reduce this rate by only connecting a representative to a caller when the previous call ends.
  • Better for Small Call Volumes: If your team doesn’t deal with a large amount of customers and doesn’t require multi-line dialing, an autodialer may be the best choice.

Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialing allows you to connect to multiple customers simultaneously, automatically connecting your rep to a customer when they pick up. This means a guaranteed active connection, giving each call the highest possible chance of conversion. A predictive dialer is ideal for companies who have a higher call volume and need to work through larger lists of leads. Let’s take a look at some predictive dialer benefits:

Benefits of a Predictive Dialer

  • Eliminate Idle Agent Time: By eliminating the idle time agents would spend between calls, predictive dialing optimizes the productivity of your outbound sales team.
  • Place Far More Calls: With some predictive dialers capable of placing ten calls at once, you can vastly increase your company’s overall call volume. More calls mean a more effective cold calling strategy, and you should see a subsequent increase in resulting sales.
  • Reduce Time-Loss: Because your agent will always be connected to an active call, there is no time lost if the call is ignored or sent to voicemail. With certain tools, you may even be able to use voicemail drop simultaneously to ensure that mistake-free recording ends up in the customer’s inbox.

Power Dialer

Power Dialer software gives you the benefits of auto and predictive dialers, but with the added bonus of auxiliary feature integration. This is the best auto dialer for cold calling, as it comes with features to facilitate the entire cold outreach process. With PowerCall, you can use a sales dialer side-by-side with programs like:

  • Local Presence Dialing: With local presence dialing, you can help your sales reps gain the trust of potential customers using local, trusted area codes. Combined with PowerCall’s multi-line feature, this can exponentially increase your number of active calls and sales.
  • Voicemail Drop: Unfortunately, some of your calls will not be picked up. Without voicemail drop software, this could mean a total loss of the potential sale. Fortunately, Power Dialer integrates seamlessly with voicemail drop software, giving your reps the ability to drop a recorded script at the touch of a button. This means your sales script will arrive in a customer’s inbox error-free, allowing your rep to move on to the next call while it’s still recording.
  • ConnectionBoost: By combining AI-powered local presence, spam detection, and progressive caller ID, ConnectionBoost can increase your pickup rates by as much as 500%. More connections means more conversions, and this tool is the key to boosting your active conversations.

You also won’t have to deal with any connection lag: that means zero dead air between a prospect picking up the phone and your sales rep beginning their pitch. Dead air can cause a potential client to hang up before your rep gets the opportunity to help them; by removing connection lag, power dialers increase the chances of a successful conversion.

Best Sales Dialer for Hubspot and other CRMs

The best sales dialer currently on the market is offered by Kixie. Kixie can fully integrate many popular CRMs, (and is a Platinum HubSpot Solutions Partner!), along with a suite of other features including the multi-line auto dialer Powercall, local presence dialing and voicemail drop software. Your reps will be able to call up to 10 potential customers at once from local area codes, vastly increasing your overall call volume.

Once these calls are made, PowerCaller will automatically identify an active caller, connecting your rep to that channel. For customers who don’t pick up, voicemail drop will place a perfectly recorded version of your sales script into their inbox. Because both the calls and recordings are coming from local area codes, customers are far more likely to pick up or listen to voicemails that your sales team leaves.

Saving time means saving money, and by optimizing your outbound sales strategy with a sales dialer, you can ensure that not a moment is wasted. The right tools can increase your company’s profits, and we want to help you achieve your full potential. That’s why we are offering Kixie for seven days completely free; you don’t even need to enter a credit card. Start your free trial today!