How to Use Voicemail Drop to Streamline Outbound Sales

How to Use Voicemail Drop to Streamline Outbound Sales | Telephones for business

How to Use Voicemail Drop to Streamline Outbound Sales

How much time does your sales team spend leaving voicemails for potential customers? What if they could leave the perfect voicemail every time, all at just the push of a button?

This is the immense power of Voicemail Drop, an important tool that should be woven into every sales strategy you use.

What is Voicemail Drop?

Sales agents making outbound calls run into voicemail systems all the time. Instead of having to leave what is essentially the same message each time, with Voicemail Drop they can instead press a button in the Voicemail Drop software as soon as they hear a voicemail system pick up.

The call will immediately hang up, so they can go on to their next call. Meanwhile, the Voicemail Drop service leaves a pre-recorded message on the customer’s voicemail before hanging up automatically.

What are the Advantages of Voicemail Drop?

The principal advantage of Voicemail Drop is it saves time. Customers rarely answer calls from numbers they don’t recognize, so sales representatives spend a lot of their time each day leaving voicemails. In many environments, upwards of 100 voicemails will be left by each of the sales team every day. Even if these voicemails are only 30 seconds long, it still adds up to hours each day that could be better spent speaking with customers or performing more productive tasks.

By extension, Voicemail Drop saves money. Instead of needing 60 reps to handle a new campaign, for example, you may only need 30, as it takes fewer labor hours to convert prospects to customers.

Because they are pre-recorded, you can make higher-quality voicemails. If an agent is required to make hundreds of the same voicemail messages each day, the voicemails can end up sounding unenthused and monotonous. Instead, a high energy, focused, concise, and engaging voicemail can be left every time, thanks to Voicemail Drop.

Because your agents are spending less time on repetitive tasks, they can offer better customer service. They can spend their time being the human face of your company, actually talking to customers instead of repeating the same dialogue to a parade of answering machines. They’ll be fresher, too, and more engaged in their work. Using Voicemail Drop in your company shows your employees you value their time and skills. Ultimately, this results in better staff retention.

How to Set up Voicemail Drop

Using Voicemail Drop is super simple if you choose the right Voicemail Drop app. You first record your message(s), then your sales agents can choose between the pre-recorded messages when making an outbound call.

Record your Voicemail Messages

An advantage of Voicemail Drop is that you can record the perfect voicemail message to be used on every voicemail you leave.

Another enormous advantage of great Voicemail Drop software is you’re not tied down to using just one voicemail for all customers. You can record multiple voicemail scripts, each for different situations. Even the simplest types of personalization, such as mentioning the town of the customer you’re calling in the voicemail script, can go a long way to making your voicemail messages stand out.

Take a look at our guide to crafting the perfect voicemail script for sales. We’ve also created a video showing you how to record your voicemail drop in Kixie PowerCall. It’s really easy!

Integrate Voicemail Drop into your Sales Cadence

Your sales cadence is the sequence of touchpoints a prospect goes through to become a customer. It can include calls, texts, social media interaction, emails, meetings, voicemails, and more.

As Kixie tightly integrates with popular customer relationship management (CRM) software such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Active Campaign, it’s easy to keep track of when customers have been left voicemails and their responses to them. You can use this information to build a better sales cadence that ensures customers are always contacted at the right time and the right frequency.

The sales cadence can also inform your decisions on which voicemail message is left. You may want to use different voicemail scripts for all the different parts of your sales cadence. Similarly, you can have separate voicemail greetings for customers being targeted by active campaigns.

Check out our 5 most effective sales voicemail scripts where we outline ideas you can use in your voicemail messages.

Train your Sales Staff on Leaving Voicemail Messages

With everything in place, your team can now use Voicemail Drop. All you need to do is show your agents how to drop a voicemail. In Kixie PowerCall, a leading autodialer solution, this process looks like:

  1. Initiate your call to the customer
  2. Wait until you hear the customer’s voicemail greeting play
  3. Select the desired Voicemail Drop file from the VM Drop/Hangup menu
  4. Move on to the next call!

It’s really that simple and saves your agents a huge amount of time and effort. For more information, see how to get the most out of Voicemail Drop.

Choosing the Best Voicemail Drop Service for your Business

As Voicemail Drop is primarily a service designed to lower costs by improving efficiency, every business shopping for a new Voicemail Drop company should consider how each company’s pricing system works.

Most VM drop companies opt for a price-per-drop model. However, with Kixie’s Professional Plan, you can get an unlimited number of Voicemail Drops for a flat quarterly fee. This can save you even more money in the long run.

Aside from the software’s ease of use and pricing, the most important thing when considering Voicemail Drop providers is whether they have bi-directional CRM integration. With great integration between software, there’s no duplication of effort as everything works as one system.

Save Time with Voicemail Drop

Voicemail Drop is a must for any business that makes outbound sales calls. It saves your sales team a massive amount of time they were spending on a repetitive task – time that is better spent elsewhere.

With the right Voicemail Drop service as part of a complete customer communication platform, you can supercharge the efficiency of your sales team.