5 Most Effective Sales Voicemail Scripts

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5 Most Effective Sales Voicemail Scripts | Telephones for business

Over 97% of sales cold calls go to voicemail, so it’s vital you leave an effective message each time that highlights the benefits of calling you back.

Leaving a professional voicemail message shows the customer you believe they are important. As it takes an average of eight touches for a prospect to agree to a sales meeting, sales voicemail drop scripts should be a part of your sales cadence strategy.

Should Sales Voicemail Messages Be Scripted?

Voicemail messages are excellent examples of communication that can be easily scripted. You have a short amount of time to get your message across, and you need to sound professional and polished, so it’s important to get it right.

Without a script, sales representatives often talk for too long, mumble, leave random information, forget to include important information, or rush through their phone number. They can sound desperate, bored, or anxious to make a sale.

Save Hours Each Day with Voicemail Drop

Even with a great script, there’s some room for error. Sounding bored, tripping over words, or needing to clear your throat are just a few of the things that could go wrong, no matter how good your script is. This is where voicemail drop software comes to the rescue.

Incorporate voicemail drop into your automated sales workflow to leave a perfect voicemail every time. Voicemail drop also saves hours every day that would otherwise be wasted on listening to voicemail greetings, waiting for the beep, and reciting the same script for the 50th time that day.

After recording the perfect voicemail drop outreach message, all your reps need to do is press one button to leave a voicemail. Kixie’s AI Voicemail Drop will detect when the beep is heard and automatically leave the best voicemail every time.

Voicemail drops can even be personalized so there’s no downside to using an automated voicemail drop. Companies see an average of 33% more calls when using VM drop. It’s a fantastic way to save time, improve connection rates, and help new agents hit the ground running.

But first, you need to consider what to put in your voicemail script.

What Makes a Good Sales Voicemail Script?

sales person leaving a voicemail

Important Information to Include

We can’t put everything we’d ever want into a sales voicemail script, or it’d be hours long. Some of the most important things to include in your sales call voicemail script include:

  • Your name and company
  • Your intention for calling
  • Your contact information
  • Your availability

Sales Voicemail Script Best Practices

Your voicemail script should be concise. The shorter, the better, so ensure your sales voicemail drop script doesn’t go over 20-30 seconds. Long voicemails bore customers and are often cut off by voicemail services.

Sales voicemail drop scripts should be conversational. You should sound energetic, confident, and prepared. No one wants to listen to a robotic voicemail message that’s clearly being read from a script.

Your sales voicemail script should be actionable. You should detail how the prospect should respond should they be interested in taking the conversation further. If your sales call will be accompanied by an email, let them know when they should expect to receive it.

Mention results the prospect can expect if they choose to leverage your solution. Avoid discussing the details of how you can achieve these results for the customer in a voicemail—that can be conveyed later. Simply offer an idea of the value they can expect from getting back to you.

Tread lightly—being too pushy in a voicemail will guarantee you won’t get a callback.

Effective Sales Voicemail Script Examples

sales rep checking their voicemail

Let’s put this together into a voicemail template you can use:

“Hello [customer name], this is [your name] from [your company]. I’m calling because [reason]. I’m excited to talk to you about [value proposition]. You can reach me at [your number], and I’ll send you an email tomorrow. Talk to you later, have a great day!”

This sales voicemail template is concise, friendly, professional, actionable, and demonstrates value. Let’s see how this could be used in a real-world example:

Sales Voicemail Script Example #1

“Hello Jason, this is Richard from Solar USA. I’m calling because you requested information on our new commercial solar panel system. I’d love to talk to you about how we’ve saved companies like yours over 30% of their electricity bills. You can reach me at 555-1234, and I’ll send you a brochure on SolarComm today. Have a great day, bye!”

Sales Voicemail Script Example #2

Depending on what you know about the customer and your previous interactions, consider modifying the script to make it more personable or applicable to the situation.

“Hi Rebecca, this is David from Solid FM. We haven’t spoken before, but I was performing research on local companies that could benefit from the marketing promotion our radio station is currently running. We can create advertising for your florist business that will increase your sales by up to 55%.

When you get this call, please call me back at 555-1234. That’s 555-1234. I look forward to discussing it further with you, and I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the results. Bye!”

Sales Voicemail Script Example #3

“Hi Seth, this is Sarah from SmartForce. I need to speak to you about how you’re performing your order fulfillment at Ripe, as I have a solution that ensures orders are recorded accurately every time. We’ve already helped Nike, Tesco, and Upkeep, and I know this would work for Ripe, too.

Do me a favor, call me back at 555-1234 when you get this message. That’s 555-1234. I’m excited to discuss the solution further and I’m sure you’ll be glad you returned this call.”

Sales Voicemail Script Example #4

Personalizing voicemails is always a good idea. Even when using a voicemail drop system, you can add personalization and switch up voicemails under different situations.

If you previously sent a voicemail to a client and the lead went cold, you can send a follow-up voicemail message, such as the example below:

“Hi Xavier, this is Samuel getting back to you from Concrete Solutions. I’m looking forward to speaking with you again because I remember you were looking for eco-friendly concrete. We have a new green concrete that I know you’ll be impressed by, and your customers will love it too.

I’m available today until 5:30 pm, so do me a favor and call me back on 555-1234 when you get this message. That’s 555-1234. I look forward to discussing this with you further. Bye!”

Sales Voicemail Script Example #5

“Hi Charmaine, this is Steven from Commute Inc. getting back to you about the quote for the transport system. We’ve crunched some numbers here and we think we can save you even more money. We can even solve that shuttle problem you told us about.

I’ll be in the office for the rest of the day. Please call me when you get this message. My number is 555-1234. That’s 555-1234. I look forward to speaking with you. Bye for now.”

Remember, once you’ve perfected your voicemail scripts, you can use voicemail drop to send them at the touch of a button.