Free Business SMS Software to Grow Your Outbound Sales

Free Business SMS Software to Grow Your Outbound Sales | Telephones for business

Free Business SMS Software to Help You Close More Deals

Armed with the right software, know-how, and of course motivation, sales teams can go from meeting quota to exceeding it. Get your team the technology they need, starting with a free trial, so you can be sure it’s the right solution.

Kixie offers a free, 7-day trial of our sales engagement software so you can test run the business SMS capability for yourself, and see how it can help you close more sales. With Kixie, you can level up your outbound sales efforts, automate repetitive tasks, send reminder text messages to prospects, and receive real-time insights on your performance.

It’s super simple to get set up and begin testing out Kixie’s SMS features. Simply sign up for a free trial, and download the Kixie Chrome extension. Within 2 minutes - and without a credit card - you can start calling and texting your leads! It also only takes a few minutes to connect your CRM with Kixie’s power dialer, meaning you can track calls, outcomes, notes, set-up trigger-based auto-SMS messages, and more – and have it all sync automatically with your CRM.

A good business phone system can increase the efficiency of your sales team and help them close more deals. With a sales dialer, your reps can easily make calls to large numbers of prospects, follow-up via text message, and automatically record all interactions with the prospect in your CRM. Additionally, a dialer can help your reps stay organized and on track, making it easier for them to keep track of their leads and progress through the sales cycle.

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How Does Kixie’s Free Business SMS Software Work?

After signing up for a free trial, you will get unlimited access to all of Kixie’s sales engagement features, including our most popular ones like SMS templates and auto-SMS. Here are just a few of the benefits your team can realize with a sales engagement system:

  • Trigger Auto-SMS From Call Outcomes: If your team struggles to keep up with a follow-up cadence, automation can help streamline that process and ensure you don’t loose any leads to a lack of follow-up attempts. After all, it takes an average of 5 follow-up attempts before closing the deal. With Kixie’s power dialer software, you can trigger an SMS message to be sent automatically to your prospects based on a specific call outcome.
  • Quickly Respond to Incoming Texts with Team SMS: Allow multiple team members to see and respond to incoming text messages from the same business phone number with a shared SMS inbox. Get customers the answers they need quickly, without the risk of accidentally responding to a message with duplicate information. The group chat will automatically lock after the first agent responds, to avoid multiple agents responding at once with different information. Plus, use the internal chat feature to enhance collaboration and send private messages just to your team members.
  • Set up an auto-reply message for after-hours texts: Within the Kixie dashboard, you can also easily setup an auto-reply message that will send automatically to any incoming text messages, based on the time they are received. This way, you can easily let customers know that their message will be responded to during normal business hours, when an agent is available.
  • Dial With Local Caller ID: Prospects are more likely to pick up for a local number, or for one they recognize the area code. It might be tough to get a prospect on the phone when you call them with an out-of-state or toll-free number, so Kixie’s local presence allows you to call or text anyone with a real local number. Kixie’s AI-powered local presence will automatically rotate through 10 local numbers per area code in the US, matching the area code of the prospect you’re calling. With local presence, sales teams see an increase in connection rates by up to 400%.
  • Automatic Spam Number Reduction: Kixie’s free power dialer also includes our proprietary spam number reduction feature, which lowers the chance of your reps calling out with a number that is flagged as “Spam Likely” or “Scam Likely” – therefore increasing pickup rates and connections.
  • Boost Connection Rates With a Multi-line Power Dialer: Call up to 10 leads at a time, with Kixie’s multi-line auto dialer. This agent driven software automates the repetitive parts of outbound calling: dialing, logging the call in the CRM, choosing a call outcome, and more. Speed up your calling campaign and reach a live connection in less time with a 3-line, 4-line, or up to 10-line power dialer.
  • Save Time With Voicemail Drop: Don’t waste another minute repeating the same voicemail over and over again. Load as many pre-recorded voicemail messages you would like in the Kixie dashboard, and have them at your fingertips to drop into an inbox when you hear a prospect’s voicemail greeting. Save 30 seconds per call, and hours everyday!
  • Leverage Sales Follow-Up Automations: Even more follow-up automations are possible with Kixie’s sales engagement software. For example, you can set-up an automatic call and/or text to be sent within minutes (or seconds) to anyone who submits a form on your website or downloads a piece of marketing content, so you can reach them while your brand is still on the top of their mind.

Ready to get started? Register for your free trial of Kixie’s calling and messaging platform today, and take advantage of the many sales outreach benefits. Multi-line power dialing, calling with a local number, automatically sending a follow-up SMS and more are all available to you – sign up now for a free trial.