Why You Should Invest in Local Presence Dialing for B2B Sales

Why You Should Invest in Local Presence Dialing for B2B Sales | Telephones for business

We’ve all experienced a situation like this: you get a call from an unknown number with a strange area code; instead of risking talking to someone you don’t know, you simply ignore it. In fact, 75% of call recipients were unlikely to answer an out-of-state area code. For outbound sales, this growing habit amongst consumers is a painful detriment to their productivity. Unfortunately, call avoidance has begun to affect the B2B space as well, and sales teams are having increasing difficulty forging new business connections.

Luckily, there is a cost-effective and easy-to-use software that can circumvent this trend: Local Presence Dialing. With the addition of this one tool to your outbound sales strategy, you can break through call avoidance and expand your B2B client base exponentially.

What is Local Presence Dialing?

Local presence dialing gives you the ability to reach demographics within specific area codes with a much higher rate of efficacy than traditional cold calling. With local number presence dialing, your calls will show up on a potential customer’s caller ID with one of their local area codes.

A customer or business is far more likely to pick up for a local number, especially compared to toll-free area codes (like 1-800 numbers.) The more active calls your team engages in, the better chance they have of success. An increase in active calls will naturally have a dramatic effect on your overall conversion rate, bumping up your numbers for both B2B and B2C sales.

Local presence dialing will:

  • Help Boost the Effectiveness of Cold-Calling
  • Decrease the Chances of Call-Avoidance
  • Assist in Avoiding Spam Caller Lists
  • Save Your Sales Teams Valuable Time

Does Local Presence Dialing Work?

Local presence dialing is up to five times more likely to result in a sale, giving your company the apparent authority of a global company and helping establish a connection between your business and new clients. Your answer rates will also increase, giving your sales reps more opportunities to utilize their script and develop long-term connections with a growing customer base.

You can also avoid the issue of ending up on a spam list, which can reduce your answer rates to nearly zero. A spam list can spell disaster for your sales team: whether a potential customer has automatic spam-blocking features that flag out-of-state numbers, or they’ve simply blocked all numbers with unrecognizable area codes, the results are almost always negative. With local presence dialing, you can avoid spam lists entirely and make sure each call your team makes has a chance of creating a sale.

B2B Sales Cold Calling: How Can Local Presence Dialing Help?

Businesses are more likely to trust companies in their local area, and may not even consider talking to a caller that lacks a local area code. This barrier can make it impossible to forge new connections, and drastically reduce the efficacy of your B2B cold calling. While options like using a toll-free area code exist, these can be even less useful than sticking with your out-of-state code. So, what can you do to increase your outbound sales rates?

The answer is local presence dialing. It’s been shown that with a local area code, call recipients were 27.5 more likely to pick up the phone. The more consumers and companies answer, the more chances you have to establish a long-term customer. By combining local presence dialing with a well-tuned sales script and highly-trained representatives, you will see accelerated sales volume and a significant profit increase over time.

What is the Best Local Presence Dialing Software?

Not all local presence software is built the same, and many companies are not worth utilizing. Some red flags to avoid when choosing your local presence dialer include:

  • Exorbitantly High Prices
  • Ineffective Software or Unintuitive User Interface
  • Offering the Ability to “Spoof” Numbers

This last point is crucial. Number spoofing software can be considered unethical and in some areas, illegal. Companies offering these services will almost always charge you high fees and make it nearly impossible to cancel your subscriptions. Not only that, but you may very well face regulation by the FCC and incur significant fines if caught. A much better option is to use a shared number pool dialer, like the service offered by Kixie.

Kixie has the best local presence dialer currently on the market, giving its subscribers a number of benefits including:

  • Cost-Effective Connection: Kixie allows you to establish a virtual presence in area codes all over the globe, dramatically increasing your answered call rate and increasing the number of successful conversions your team facilities.
  • Access to Over 50,000 Numbers: With Kixie, your sales team can access over 50,000 unique numbers in 500 local area codes, giving you nearly endless options to customize your outbound sales approach.
  • Low-Price and No Hidden Fees: Kixie charges a low monthly fee to utilize an entire suite of outbound sales tools. You can choose what service tier you would like to use, and try our products for 7 days at no charge.
  • Easy Setup and Integration: Setting up an account with Kixie is simple, and the onboarding process only takes a few minutes. You can also integrate Kixie seamlessly with almost any customer relationship management programs you utilize, including Hubspot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive.

Local Presence Dialers Increase Answer Rates, Boost Conversions, and Create Meaningful Connections

An outbound sales team is defined by their conversation rate, but even the best professionals need the right tools. With local presence dialing software, your reps won’t be slowed down by ignored calls or spam lists. Kixie comes with a full suite of other programs as well, all of which can increase the effectiveness of your B2B sales strategy without hurting your bottom line.

You can try a free trial of Kixie’s local presence dialing software without providing a credit card. We guarantee that after a single week of use, you’ll see just how much more efficient your outbound sales team will become.

If you want to achieve record-breaking profits and start reaching a more comprehensive range of clients, we can help. Start your free trial today!