What is a Power Dialer? Sales Dialer Software Overview 2022

What is a Power Dialer? Sales Dialer Software Overview 2022 | Telephones for business

40 years ago, it would have been a small miracle had your rolodex been able to speak to your landline and automatically place a call. Meanwhile in 2022, it’s common practice to be able to tap on a contact in your phone and start dialing. And in today’s business settings, it’s easy to set up one-click or automatic calling with a sales dialer that’s connected to your customer relationship management platform and accessible on any device.

We’ve taken leaps and bounds since the 1980’s, and if you’re not using the latest sales automation technology in your business - well, chances are you’re losing time, leads, and revenue (a lot of it). It’s time to bring your business into 2022. Enter: power dialer software and the many benefits it can give your inbound and outbound sales and customer service teams.

In this article, we’ll cover:

What Is a Power Dialer?

A power dialer is a tool that helps sales representatives make more calls in a shorter amount of time. It does this by automating the dialing process, which means that sales representatives no longer have to manually dial each number. Instead, they can upload a list of contacts and have the power dialer software do the heavy lifting (ie, dialing, call logging, etc.) while they stay on the line for an answered call.

Power dialers also provide sales representatives with important information about each call, such as that contact’s name, company, whether or not the person answered the phone previously, and how previous calls ended. This information is pulled from the customer relationship management (CRM) software, and can help sales representatives improve their pitching technique and make more calls that result in closed deals.

In addition to CRM integration, power dialers also generally come with a suite of built-in tools that can aid in sales enablement, such as voicemail drop, SMS templates, calling and texting automation, and local caller ID options.

Power Dialer vs. Sales Dialer

All power dialers are sales dialer, but not all sales dialers are power dialers. Other types of phone systems that fall under the category of sales dialer include auto dialers, progressive dialers, and predictive dialers.

Curious about other types of sales dialers? Here’s a full sales dialer comparison guide just for you.

While some types of sales dialers can completely remove the need for human intervention, this goes against FCC and TCPA regulations in the US. Generally speaking, most sales dialers follow these regulations and are used by sales teams, call centers, schools, doctor’s offices, and more to speed up the process of calling many people - but not completely automate it.

For example, while power dialers can automate dialing, they can’t work without someone initiating a call, deciding when to leave a voicemail and hang up, and logging a call outcome.

Power Dialer Benefits

Sales teams everywhere are constantly looking for an edge over the competition. A power dialer can provide that edge by helping sales reps make more sales calls in a shorter amount of time.

Additionally, power dialers can:

  • Help sales reps track their progress and performance. Information such as call length, number of callbacks, connection rate, and more can be gathered from power dialer systems and can assist agents in improving their own productivity.
  • Assist managers in training. Sales dialers often come with call recording and even live call coaching features, that can allow managers to record exceptional calls for training purposes or even enter a live call to save an agent from putting their foot in their mouth.
  • Give your team back needed time. Power dialers automate repetitive tasks like looking up someone in the CRM, sending a follow-up text message to a prospect you just called, logging the outcome of a call, and more. Added together, using a power dialer can save your team members as much as 2 hours per day.

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Power Dialer CRM Integration

When it comes to sales, time is of the essence. And with a power dialer CRM integration, your sales team can spend less time on the phone and more time selling.

As we mentioned above, power dialers can automatically dial a list of numbers and connect sales reps to potential customers in record time. But by integrating your sales dialer with your CRM, productivity of your reps can climb even higher. Just a few benefits that are available with a sales dialer integrated with your CRM include:

In short: by integrating your power dialer with your CRM, you can get even more out of your sales toolset.

Try Out a Power Dialer Today

A power dialer is a great sales tool that can help your team increase their productivity and sales. In this article, we’ve outlined what a power dialer is, how it can benefit your team, as well as time-saving features available with CRM integrated sales dialers. If you’re ready to try out a power dialer software, you can try Kixie free for 7 days. Kixie also offers an add-on multi-line auto dialer that can further boost your outreach ability. With the right tools in place, your sales team can hit their targets and drive more sales!