Phone Burner vs. Kixie: Which Sales Dialer Is Better for Your Business?

Phone Burner vs. Kixie: Which Sales Dialer Is Better for Your Business? | Telephones for business

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        Should I get Kixie or PhoneBurner? This is a fundamental question for many salespeople, and it really does depend on the type of sales work one is engaged in. Before we begin, here are some of the great features that both have to offer, side by side.

Phone Burner:

  • easily upload and categorize leads
  • power dialing capability
  • voicemail drop
  • email drop
  • email tracking
  • upload smart call lists based on which customer has opened your email
  • email customers based on call disposition (interested, wrong number, etc.)
  • contact sorting
  • 200 free minutes a month with a pro account, 300 free minutes with a premium account
  • call recordings available with premium service


  • full business telephone service and hosted cloud PBX
  • customize how you handle incoming calls with features like multi-level IVRs, call forwarding/transfer, extensions, voicemail, call rules
  • click-to-call functionality speeds up dialing, allowing you to quickly dial through a list of leads in your CRM
  • your phone calls become trackable like emails in your CRM
  • automatically track outgoing and incoming calls inside your CRM
  • seamless CRM sync with Pipedrive, Nutshell, Salesforce, Zoho and HighRise
  • lifetime call recordings
  • automatic call logging
  • local presence available
  • call reports
  • PowerCall window provides current caller insight and the ability to log notes and schedule activities which sync inside your CRM
  • automatic contact creation in your CRM for new numbers

So which service makes sense for you? If you are a prospector with many largely unqualified leads to dial every day, PhoneBurner will save you a great deal of time and help you burn through calls efficiently. Combined with email functionality and the ability to tailor power dialing lists based on who has opened those emails, and you’re left with a great tool for outbound prospecting.

If you want to customize how you handle inbound calls as well as track all calls automatically in your CRM, Kixie’s functionality will is ideal for you. With click-to-call functionality, Kixie saves you time and enhances your CRM’s organizational power with automated call-logging and the ability to log notes and activities while on a call without having to pull up the contact in your CRM. The call recordings alongside every call is also an incredible tool for account review and training.

The business level telephony is also a big plus for entire teams, enabling agents to transfer calls, conference calls, have their own voicemails and create a professional IVR to greet callers. All in all, Kixie will allow you to focus more on the customer and less on manual data entry in between calls, saving you time and increasing your productivity.

If you’d like to give Kixie a try, you can get a trial account started in under 3 minutes with no CC required, by clicking here.