Hey, I Know You

Hey, I Know You | Telephones for business

Know exactly who is calling you… before you answer

Johnny Nash had to wait for the rain to subside before he could see clearly, but we here at Kixie want to help you see clearly without waiting. With Kixie’s CRM enhanced caller ID you can not only see which number is calling you, but you can see exactly which contact and deal that is associated with inside of your CRM. Now every call you make and receive you can be briefed with information about who you are speaking to.

Beyond that, the contact and deal information presented are actually clickable links. Now when your important client calls in, rather than fumbling around your CRM to pull up their information, you can click right on their contact or deal inside ofKixie’s PowerCall allowing you to seamlessly bring up previous conversations and close the deal. We all know that inbound calls are the most important calls for you and your team to handle.

Whether it is an inbound lead looking for more information, an existing prospect who is looking to get started, or a customer success call to help educate your client into the ultimate user. WithKixie’s CRM enhanced Caller ID you can do what you do best more efficiently.

If you’d like to discuss about how Kixie’s CRM enhanced caller ID can help your team or if you are interested in learning more about Kixie please feel free to call us at 424-800-3332 or click here to start a free trial!