Clarifying the New A2P 10DLC Requirements for Business SMS

Clarifying the New A2P 10DLC Requirements for Business SMS | Telephones for business

If your business sends text messages directly to customers using a 10-digit long code number (ie, 424-123-4567) via a software application like Twilio, SimpleTexting, Kixie, etc., there are some important regulations and new registration requirements you should be aware of. The Campaign Registry (TCR) is an organization that works with both cell carriers and text messaging software providers to standardize 10DLC messaging, improving the experience for all parties involved, especially consumers.

The A2P 10DLC registration standard that rolled out earlier this year was aimed at improving SMS deliverability, reducing spam for customers, and ensuring that all businesses sending text messages to consumers were following applicable SMS standards. TCR recently released updated registration clarifications for brands that are considered a Sole Proprietorship, Political, Charity, or offering a Platform Free Trial versus a “Standard Brand” for enhanced business verification across the messaging ecosystem.

If your business falls into one of the above categories, you’ll need to take some additional steps when registering for A2P 10DLC. We’ve outlined everything you need to know below.

Sole Proprietorship Entities

If you’re a sole proprietor, and your business does not have an EIN/Tax ID number, your A2P 10DLC registration with TCR will require a separate contract. Additionally, there are limits on the number of campaigns and telephone numbers you can have associated with your business. Sole Proprietorships are only allowed 1000 msg/day (T-Mobile) and up to 15 msg/minute (AT&T) per Campaign. Only 1 campaign and 2 registered numbers are allowed per entity.

The Campaign Services Provider (CSP) you work with (ie, Ring Central, Plivo, Kixie, etc.) is also responsible for reporting on your behalf, and should be able to assist you through the registration process.

Policial Organizations

If you’re a political organization, your A2P 10DLC registration will need to show that you are a verified non-profit (503c)(3/4/5/6) organization with tax-exempt status. Once verified, the TCR will assign you the “Non-Profit” entity type and you will have access to all standard and political use cases for SMS messaging.

The Campaign Services Provider (CSP) you work with (ie, Nextiva, Message Desk, Kixie, etc.) to send text messages should also be able to assist you through the registration process.

Charitable Organizations

If you’re a charitable organization, A2P 10DLC registration requires that you first verify your 501(c)(3) status with the TCR. During registration, select “Non-Profit” as your entity type. Once verified, you should have access to all Charity and Emergency use cases for A2P messaging. You can also select Standard sub-use cases to further clarify your messaging intent.

Platform Free Trial Registration

This registration process is specific to Campaign Services Providers, meaning your business does not message the end user directly but instead sells SMS messaging services to brands that do. If you offer a free trial of your product that includes SMS messaging capabilities, you will need to sign a separate contract with TCR.

This contract will allow non-paying users to send messages under a “Trial” campaign, and should be reserved for clients who are using a limited free trial of your product to test its capabilities. There are strict messaging volume limits, and all text messages should be watermarked (ie, “Sent Using a Free Trial from Kixie" at the end of each message). CSPs are also responsible for reporting specific data to TCR on behalf of Trial registrants.

See the Quick Reference Guide from TCR for more information on each of these registration categories.

Get A2P 10DLC Registration Help From Kixie

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