What Is 10DLC and How Can It Affect Your Business?

What Is 10DLC and How Can It Affect Your Business? | Telephones for business

The A2P 10DLC standard, which stands for Application to Person 10 Digit Long Code, is a recent communications regulation in the United States that specifically applies to SMS messaging from businesses to individuals.

A2P or “Application to Person” is a common way to send text messages in bulk, often from a business to its customers (or potential customers). It’s a great way for a business to save time, however, most phone numbers are not formatted to handle large volumes of SMS messages. To work around this, most businesses choose from toll-free long codes, short codes, or local long codes to send text messages in bulk. Each of these phone number options have their drawbacks, which is why 10DLC was introduced.

10DLC compliance

What is 10DLC?

10DLC is a new standard for SMS deliverability that was introduced in 2019. The aim of 10DLC is to improve the deliverability of SMS messages by introducing a new set of guidelines for carriers. 10DLC has been designed to work with the existing SMS infrastructure, and it is compatible with all major carrier networks. In order to ensure compatibility, 10DLC uses a unique identifier that is assigned to each message. This identifier allows carriers to route messages through the 10DLC network without having to update their systems.

10DLC is an optional service, and it is up to each carrier to decide whether or not they want to support it. However, many major carriers have already committed to supporting 10DLC, and it is expected that the majority of carriers will be on board within the next few years.

What does 10DLC mean for my business?

10DLC is a recently implemented standard for sending messages through SMS that will help carriers deliver messages more effectively. 10DLC will also improve the experience for customers who send text messages to businesses.

10DLC gives businesses a 10-digit phone number (similar to a landline) that they can use to send one-time or recurring text messages. 10DLC numbers are not connected to a specific device, so businesses can use them with any texting service. 10DLC will also provide better deliverability than short codes, which are often blocked by carriers.

10DLC registration

10DLC Compliance

10DLC compliance refers to the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) requirements for commercial telephone service providers. In order to meet 10DLC compliance, commercial telephone service providers must offer 10-digit local calling services that comply with the 10DLC requirements. These requirements are designed to ensure that customers can receive 10-digit local calls from other 10-digit local callers.

10DLC Registration

If you already have a phone number that you use for calling and texting purposes, your business can register that number to become 10DLC compliant. If you plan on sending SMS messages to US numbers from US numbers, 10DLC is an industry-standard requirement. Registration enables SMS and whitelists your numbers for optimal deliverability.

At Kixie, we handle the registration of all new phone numbers to be 10DLC compliant. Schedule a free demo with us to learn how we can help to maximize SMS deliverability for your business.

Improve Your Business SMS Deliverability

10DLC compliance is mandatory for all businesses that send SMS messages to or from the United States. If you have not yet registered, do so now to avoid any penalties or fines. Kixie offers a sales engagement platform with a business SMS feature that can help your company stay compliant with 10DLC and other FCC regulations. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help your business grow.