3 Key Features from Kixie to Improve Your Sales Team

3 Key Features from Kixie to Improve Your Sales Team | Telephones for business

There are tons of software out there geared toward improving sales. However, not all systems offer a variety of sales engagement tools that empower your sales team to be better.

Nowadays, sales reps can’t just rely on their CRM to give them the insights they need to close deals. Instead, sales engagement platforms have to have a blend of resources that also values sales enablement tools alongside meeting quotas. Thankfully, with Kixie, there are 3 key features that all sales teams should have in their arsenal—here’s what you need to know:

1. An Auto Dialer With Full CRM Integrations

It’s important to understand that your CRM isn’t just a place to dump customer data and forget about it.

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Yes, your CRM serves as the central hub for your customer info and call data, but from that foundation, you need to incorporate other resources to extract value from those analytics. This is where CRM integrations from Kixie transforms your CRM into a robust sales operation. With a seamless setup process, you have a sales engagement platform that works seamlessly with your CRM of choice—HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho, etc. Rather than you having to manually input notes or call data, Kixie’s auto dialer uploads that information for you in real-time using a bi-directional CRM sync. You’ll enjoy lifetime call recordings, call dispositions, and have access to any scheduled tasks and notes that other sales reps add to the system.

One of the most frustrating things about using a CRM is that sales reps may not be able to find the information they need on a moment’s notice. But with Kixie, locating deal sizes, deal owners, as well as contact names and emails only takes a second. CRM integrations are meant to enhance your existing workflow, and Kixie is an ultra-reliable sales engagement platform designed to get the most out of every customer interaction.

2. A Reliable Local Presence Dialer

Building connections with your customers is what brings them closer to a conversion, and that’s why sales reps need a local presence dialer they can rely on.

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Using AI-powered local presence, Kixie users see an increase of 400% among connection rates. This is due to a sophisticated local presence system that helps inside sales reps get ahold of leads using local area codes. Plus, with Kixie, the AI local presence uses actual working numbers that allow customers to dial a sales rep back if a connection gets lost.

Finally, sales reps who manage numbers automatically always run into problems with spam. In the past, reps would have to keep track of whatever numbers get flagged, but Kixie’s AI local presence removes compromised numbers automatically, allowing reps to focus more time on forming great client relationships.

3. Sales Enablement and Sales Coaching for Your Team

It’s one thing to have a sales engagement platform that helps you access data quickly, but learning from those analytics to become better sales reps requires a holistic sales enablement strategy.

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Sales enablement means helping B2B salespeople learn from their mistakes. Creating reports from won and lost deals, learning the demo process and how to execute closes, hosting training sessions and using whisper calls to help nurture customers down the funnel—these are all steps that involve strong sales coaching. And in addition to creating a reliable CRM, Kixie’s sales engagement platform makes sales coaching a vital part of the process.

Putting sales reps through a training regiment doesn’t have to be taxing, either. Sales teams can use real-time leaderboards to keep track of each other’s progress and stay motivated. If the sales force needs an additional boost of inspiration, team leaders can create fun games to heighten the sales experience using photos and stats updated on a daily basis to display in the office or online. The idea is to simply keep salespeople learning and improving their skills—not to push them along like robots making calls all day.

Explore Other Features to Improve Outbound Sales

CRM integrations, local presence dialing, and sales enablement tools are just a few of the many features that Kixie uses to empower sales reps and improve their success.

From remote working capabilities to SMS and voicemail resources, you can start your free trial of Kixie today and start exploring its additional benefits.