CI Summary Webhook

The CI Summary Webhook is triggered after a call ends with the Conversation Intelligence feature enabled. It returns all the information from the phone call, along with a summary of the call.

  "data": {
    "businessid": xxxxxx,
    "calldate": "2024-03-28T20:12:47.000Z",
    "externalid": "e6c73d7f-7584-4ffc-a0e3-ann9bd59f162",
    "sentimentRank": "positive",
    "conversationStrength": 44,
    "summary": "Company example is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. We love using Kixie as a dialer. All of our internal communication is chatting through teams. We're looking to move forward with creating new automations.",
    "agentMonologue": "00:37",
    "customerStory": "00:31",
    "patience": "00:00",
    "crmlink": "",
    "keywords": {
      "beach": false,
      "Kixie": true,
      "PowerDialer": false
    "phrases": {
      "How are you?": false,
      "business impact": false,
      "favorite flavor of LaCroix": false
    "hookevent": "cisummary",
    "webhookurl": "",
    "webhookHeaders": null