Contact Lookup API

To display data from your CRM in Kixie PowerCall dialer, create an endpoint that accepts a GET request and an E164 formatted number as a querystring parameter.

Endpoint example:

After your user initiates a phone call, we automatically send a GET request to your endpoint with the dialed phone number as a querystring parameter.

When a result is Found, we will try to return a data object from your endpoint.

Please format the returned JSON object with the following keys in snake_case as shown below appending your own values:

Note: You MAY omit deal and org from the returned object

	"found": true,
	"contact": {
		"first_name": "First",
		"last_name": "Last",
		"url": "someurl that links to contact in crm",
		"contact_id": "the contact id in the crm",
		"email": "",
		"phone_number": "a phone number",
		"town": "town",
		"postal": "postal code",
		"state": "state",
		"address": "address"
	"deal": {
		"title": "title of deal",
		"value": "value of deal",
		"status": "status of deal",
		"stage": "stage of deal",
		"deal_id": "id of the deal",
		"url": "some url which links to the deal"
	"org": {
		"name": "name of org"

If a result is Not Found, then we’ll return: