Call Data Webhooks

We can automatically send call data to an endpoint of your choosing after each event completes. See below for details


Send an email request to with your endpoint URL(s).

Note Please specify whether the endpoint url is for the Voice or SMS webhooks or both.

Voice Webhook:

Here’s an example voice webhook data object:

  "data": {
    "calldate": "2020-03-13 19:21:28",
    "callid": "d66d15aa-655f-11ea-b174-45f320f374c7",
    "duration": "267",
    "amount": "0.0400",
    "calltype": "incoming",
    "callstatus": "answered",
    "tonumber": "+14243131560",
    "fromnumber": "+18666892261",
    "disposition": "not disposed",
    "fname": "Aldo",
    "lname": "Barbagiovanni",
    "email": "",
    "recordingurl": "<",>
    "crmlink": "",
    "dealid": "",
    "contactid": ""