Text Message API

To begin using Kixie’s Text Message API, please send a request to support@kixie.com or contact your account manager.

Your kixie support rep or AM will provide all necessary variables to make a request.


  • An active Enteprise Kixie account. We include the following required authorization credentials: KIXIE_BUSINESS_ID & KIXIE_BUSINESS_API_TOKEN
  • The Kixie agent email address.
  • The target phone number that you want the Text Message sent.
  • A message


  • Any property within the data object (shown below) can be used as a replacement variable in the message
    • in the example below [lname] would be replaced with Jones
    • replacements are structured as [varname]

Usage instructions

AutoText API endpoint URL

with the body as

    "data": {
        "fname": "James",
        "lname": "Jones",
        "name": "James Jones"
    "message":"Hi [lname], Want to improve your Text Message game?
          Here's Kixie's best practice guide for Text:

*Note: Parameters are required to complete the request. Contact support@kixie.com for your businessid and api key if you do not have them.*


Kixie text message variables

You may use variables inside a message if you like. A variable is represented as [varName]

Kixie default variables:

  • Customer First Name: [fname]
  • Customer Last Name: [lname]
  • Agent First Name: [ffname]
  • Agent Last Name: [llname]


Here’s what the message looks like with the variables:

Hi, [fname] [lname].This is [ffname] [ffname] from BestCity.Thanks for visiting our Los Angeles location.

Here is the message after we replace the variables:

Hi, Bruce Wayne. This is Jason Rep from BestCity. Thanks for visiting our Santa Monica location.

HubSpot custom fields

Note: These currently only work for HubSpot customers.

You can use the data from any HubSpot field. For example, if you had a custom field on the customer called CITY and wanted to use it in your Text template.

Then you would construct the message as:

    Hi, [fname] [lname].This is [ffname] [llname] from BestCity.Thanks for visiting our [City] location.

We automatically convert the variables before sending. Here’s the message we would send if the CITY was ‘Los Angeles’:

    Hi, Bruce Wayne.This is Alex Mann from BestCity.Thanks for visiting our Los Angeles location.