Sales productivity tools directly integrated with your phone

Sales productivity tools directly integrated with your phone | Telephones for business

If you are a salesperson then you know how important it is to get on the phone with your customers or meet them in person.

This is most true when you are selling a product that is customizable, expensive or complicated. Believe it or not, there are a LOT of products that fit this description. Many of these products rely on outbound and inbound sales teams to close the deal. Kixie helps your sales teams achieve and beat their goals by simplifying (and automating) some the most mundane tasks your sales people perform repeatedly on a daily basis.

Our service automates dialing the phone, adding new contacts to your CRM, logging the call in your CRM and even adding notes regarding the call in your CRM. These tasks add up quick and represent at least 5 minutes of time for each call. Automating these task leads to a huge boost in sales productivity. The best part about it is all you need to do is plug in a phone and it all works seamlessly.

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