Hi, want to connect? Connections part 2

Hi, want to connect? Connections part 2 | Telephones for business

In the world of sales, it is all about connections…

A connection is not leaving a voicemail or leaving a message with a receptionist. It is getting a chance to speak with a decision maker about your product or service. Want to make more money? Well… connect with more decision makers! A salesforce study shows that 93% of customer interactions happen over the phone.

So if you pick up the phone, make more calls, connect with more decision makers, and then use analytics to track which sales message and team members are performing the best…… you are well on your way to maximizing sales revenue. Easier said than done right?

Well… now Kixie.com offers automated connection tracking. So now you can effortlessly measure how often your reps are connecting and pitching your product and improve your sales funnel. Get a free trial here  (no credit card required)