Local Presence Dialing for the UK

Local Presence Dialing for the UK | Telephones for business

Does Local Presence Dialing for the UK Actually Work?

Imagine receiving a call from Who is the call coming from? There are so many potential people that may be reaching out through the shroud of mystery that is Caller ID.

Maybe mum got a new number after she washed her phone through the laundry… again.

The ring may be the person you met a few days back at the bar.

Or, hopefully that big sale coming from the office finally calls back.

In reality, a UK local presence dialer called your cellphone to tell you about growing your investment portfolio, and where you normally would not have, this time you definitely answered.

Now imagine using local presence dialing to do the exact same thing with a slew of prospective leads or clients.

This time they think it is their mum, a friend, or a prospective business client, and they answer the call.

You end up being the person on the line and pitch a groundbreaking new technology, idea, or product.

The deal closes!

Local presence dialing proposes an incredibly easy way to reach more decision makes when dialing for outbound sales.

How Does Local Caller ID Work in the UK?

By utilizing a shared private number pool, callers using Kixie can ring new prospects in the UK with a number that’s local to the potential buyer.

People see the caller ID as a local number, and the likelihood that they answer the call almost quadruples (up to 4x).

The outbound caller ID number changes to match the person’s local area prefix… automagically!

Don’t worry, it’s not number spoofing. If you get a call back from a prospect using local presence, they will be routed to the agent who initiated the call with that specific local number.

How to Increase Outbound Sales Calls With Local Presence

This article most likely stood out because generating more revenue is continuously on your mind.

Local presence helps drive up to 4x more revenue by increasing connection rates up to 4x.

Simply put:

Local Presence Dialing UK –> Higher Connection Rate –> Reach More Decision Makers Demo’ed –> Close More Deals –> $$$

Local presence dialing, aka Geodialing, plays a crucial part when working with a sales team because it increases the likelihood of calls connecting with decision makers. Ready to test it out? Sign up for a free, 7-day trial.