Kixie Has Gone International!

Kixie Has Gone International! | Telephones for business

The Kixie International Plan is Here!

Cue the champagne and confetti, and strap on your Oakley goggles everybody…. Kixie has just gone international! That’s right, the same seamless CRM integration that our business phone service has become so famous for has now officially set out on its maiden voyage overseas. You can now make and receive calls to and from anywhere in the world with all of Kixie’s seamless CRM integration; all for one low price, with unlimited minutes! And no matter where you are on the globe, Kixie can provide you with your own local phone number or port over your existing one, whichever you prefer, at no charge!

Kixie empowers the sales process by integrating your phone calls with Pipedrive, Nutshell, Contactually, Zoho, HighRise, ZenDesk, Salesforce and more. Our ideal customers are teams that are already used to using one of these CRMs with a separate calling solution, but they currently have no computer-telephony integration (CTI) to allow these two to feed off each other. Kixie provides enterprise-level VoiP cloud-based PBX telephony including features like click-to-call, call transfer, call hold, conferencing, call forwarding, find-me/follow-me auto-attendant with multi-level IVR, voicemail, mobile and desktop softphones, holiday hours, personalized or text-to-speech greetings, answering rules, and more. So you can rip up your last phone bill and cancel your current phone service! But the real power lies in Kixie’s integration software. 

Whenever you make or receive a call, our software automatically logs all calls into your CRM and associates them with current contacts, automatically creates new contacts for new numbers, stores lifetime recordings for every call, and presents a pop-up (PowerCall) which allows you to log notes, schedule activities, click into the contact or deal, and see other relevant caller information derived from your CRM.

For sales teams, this computer-telephony integration is a new level of efficiency and productivity. For sales managers, this means relevant and actionable call data for enhanced reporting, call recordings to use as examples for new hires, and a sales team that is spending far less time manually entering data or receiving calls from clients in the dark.

It’s so easy to get started, and it’s only $99/month! Once you’re ready to go, we send you the necessary download links, and then we help you make your new calling environment as ideal as possible for your team. Our support and customer success team is second-to-none, and we will spend as long as it takes on the phone with you until your setup is just the way you want it.

To find out more and to see Kixie in action, schedule a phone call/demo with our sales team by clicking here. Or call us at 1-424-800-3335!