How we increased sales by 45% with one feature

How we increased sales by 45% with one feature | Telephones for business

Let’s face it..humans are competitive creatures.

Currently, many of you may be watching the Olympic games – the pinnacle of human competition. In sports, we love the competitive nature of athletes and how it pushes them to jump higher, run faster, and throw harder. We here at Kixie believe sales IS a sport and we are always trying to figure out how to sell more effectively.

While tinkering with Kixie one day, one of our sales reps was looking at our admin dashboard (normally reserved for sales managers and our C-level guys) and he noticed how he landed the most demos that week. He quickly made it known to the rest of the team about his accomplishment and voila… every other sales rep wanted to see their stats too.  

We gave them our Kixie leaderboard view to all our reps and next month, we increased sales by 45%. Every rep could login and see where they stood and BAM, we landed 50% more demos, which in turn led to sales. Lesson learned – let sales be a transparent and fun competition and you will see results.

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