How to Fix My Caller ID Showing Up as "Scam Likely"

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How to Fix My Caller ID Showing Up as "Scam Likely" | Telephones for business

As a business owner or salesperson, there’s nothing quite so disheartening as having your calls blocked – over, and over, and over again. You’re all prepared with a well-practiced pitch, but there’s never an opportunity to try it out; you’ve been red-flagged and blocked before you even got the chance to start.

Why is this happening with such frequency in 2023? And what exactly can you do to avoid call blocking and flagging when making outbound sales calls? Don’t fret – we’ve got plenty of tips and best practices to share. Let’s talk about it.

Why Are Your Calls Being Blocked?

You might be a legitimate caller, but unfortunately, over half of your calling counterparts are not. Spam calls skyrocketed between 2021 and 2022; a new wave of robocallers and scammers have been flooding the phone lines with malicious calls, prompting consumers and carriers to take action.

  • The TCPA was updated in 2022 to add that any call that “involves an automated system for the selection OR dialing of telephone numbers or the playing of a recorded message” is banned.
  • The TRACED Act requires that all calls be authenticated, meaning the carrier can quickly determine whether a call is legitimate or not.
  • Many carriers have implemented STIR/SHAKEN technology which uses a digital token or ‘fingerprint’ to verify the caller’s identity.

These measures, combined with a general consumer desire to avoid phone calls, have resulted in a sharp decrease in the effectiveness of outbound sales. Mobile phones themselves have simple blocking features that silence unknown calls regardless of where they’re coming from.

What To Do About It

Reinforced measures surrounding call authentication can be a huge headache for outbound sales, but there are ways to make sure your calls get through. Here are some of the best practices you should follow:

1. Manage Your Caller ID Reputation: Your caller ID is the first thing that gets checked when you make an outbound call. If your number has been flagged as a spammer, then it won’t matter what else you do – your calls will be blocked before they even reach the recipient. To avoid this situation, keep track of your caller ID reputation and address any issues that come up quickly.

2. Use Verified Calling Numbers: Using verified calling numbers can help ensure that your calls are authenticated properly by carriers and not blocked or flagged for suspicion. Using local phone numbers for each region can help differentiate you from spammers who often use toll-free numbers.

3. Be Respectful Of The Customer: Don’t try to force your calls on unwilling recipients; if a customer doesn’t want to talk, don’t pursue them further. Being respectful of the customer’s wishes is essential for avoiding flagging and blocking in outbound sales.

4. Consider Opt-In Options: Asking customers to opt-in for future communication can help ensure that your calls are not flagged as spam by carriers or blocked by mobile phones. It also gives you an opportunity to build trust with potential customers who may be interested in what you have to offer but need more information.

5. Script Your Calls: If you actually get through to a potential client, the easiest way to lose them is through an unscripted, rambling pitch. Make sure your sales team has a script to follow and practice it until they have it down pat. It doesn’t need to be robotic, and in fact, it shouldn’t be – but having set points to cover and things to talk about helps keep the conversation on track and avoids any potential red flags.

Wrap Up

Outbound sales can be a tricky prospect in 2023, but with the right practices in place, you’ll be sure to avoid call blocking and flagging. Monitor your caller ID reputation, use verified numbers for calls, respect customer wishes, offer opt-in options if possible, and script your pitches – if you do all these things then you will be well on your way to successful outbound sales without any fear of being blocked or flagged.

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