How Scratchpay Significantly Reduced Onboarding With Pipedrive and Kixie

How Scratchpay Significantly Reduced Onboarding With Pipedrive and Kixie | Telephones for business
  • An NPS that is higher than 95% of the Fortune 500 companies.
  • Decreased onboarding time from three days to three hours
  • A sales team that’s more than doubled in size

When your pet gets sick or hurt, the last thing you want to worry about is how you’re going to quickly come up with the cash to get them the care they need.

Scratchpay, a Pasadena, CA-based company, provides point-of-sale financing at veterinary clinics for pet owners who need to pay for unexpected pet care.

Through its partner clinics, Scratchpay offers three, 12, or 24-month payment plans so animals can get the help they need, no matter what their owner’s financial situation is.

Scratchpay’s problem

When it’s time to build a relationship and turn a vet clinic into a happy Scratchpay partner, the phone call is king. However, Scratchpay’s reps were struggling because they were having to manually log calls into Pipedrive, which was a waste of valuable time and energy. Dialling the number for each call also led to several lost hours per month.

The managers were struggling because there was no way to listen to reps’ call recordings to ensure they were doing a good job on the phone, or to provide context to future reps regarding past conversations with the clinic. Call statistics were non-existent, making it even harder to track salespeople’s performance.

Scratchpay realized that in order to not only acquire new partner clinics, but to support them on an ongoing basis, they needed two things (especially as they have a 24/7 borrower support team):

  1. A simple, visual CRM tool to organize their follow-ups with interested vet clinics, and then seamlessly transition to account management once those vet clinics became partners
  2. A full business phone system that could automatically log calls and recordings into the vet clinic’s Pipedrive deal, so any rep managing a clinic partner’s account could easily listen to past phone conversations in order to gain full context of every situation

“Being in the financial services industry, it’s especially important for us to have calls logged so that we can quickly address nuanced queries about our offerings,” explains Angela Morrisette, Scratchpay’s partnerships director.

Scratchpay Pipedrive Kixie dog

Scratchpay’s solution

Thanks to CRM Pipedrive and fully integrated phone service Kixie, Scratchpay has been able to grow and support their network of vet clinic partners.

By integrating Kixie and Pipedrive, every one of their reps was able to set up the following:

  • Automatic call logging in Pipedrive
  • One-click calling out of Pipedrive
  • Individual SMS through Kixie
  • Voicemail drop
  • Automatic contact creation
  • A cloud-based phone system
  • Advanced statistics on both Pipedrive and Kixie

This suite of features enables Scratchpay’s reps to manage their pipeline and phone solution from one dashboard, with plenty of automations to streamline the process, saving time and effort. Managers, meanwhile, can access accurate statistics from both the Kixie and Pipedrive sales dashboards.

“With all past call recordings logged in the right place in Pipedrive by the Kixie integration, we are able to efficiently identify and clarify the complex queries of our partners and borrowers,” says Angela.

Kixie isn’t the only Pipedrive integration that Scratchpay are taking advantage of. Through primarily email campaigns and online ads, Scratchpay directs interested vet clinics to their sign-up form.

Scratchpay’s streamlined sales process

Thanks to Scratchpay’s Pipedrive integration with Zapier, both a contact and a deal are created automatically when a clinic signs up. One of Scratchpay’s sales manager is alerted about the new clinic’s inquiry, and they then assign the Pipedrive deal to the salesperson that best fits the clinic’s needs.

The Scratchpay salesperson sees the new lead appear in their deal pipeline in the ‘New Lead’ stage, and the salesperson begins their sales process. 

First, they send an introductory set of emails to establish contact and then, using Kixie, they liaise with the clinic on the phone and with sms messages in order to set up a phone consultation.

The visual nature of Pipedrive’s deal pipelines allows Scratchpay reps and managers to see at a glance how many deals a rep is working at any given time and what stages those different deals are in.

The ‘Progress’ tab allows Scratchpay managers to track their entire team’s deal conversion over any period of time.

Improved phone support and a quickly-scaling sales team

Since moving to Pipedrive and Kixie, Scratchpay has seen a rise in its Net Promoter Score (NPS) thanks to its dramatic improvement in phone support. From Q1 to Q2, Scratchpay’s first two quarters using Kixie and Pipedrive, the percentage of partner clinics who rated  Scratchpay’s phone support highly jumped from 62% to 70%. 

Pipedrive and Kixie’s easy-to-use interface has also decreased onboarding time. Before their partnership with Pipedrive, it took Scratchpay three days to onboard a new rep. Now it takes a three-hour training session. This time savings has allowed Scratchpay to easily grow its sales team from two reps to five.

“The combination of these powerful tools, along with our wonderful sales staff, allows us to create an excellent experience for our borrower and clinic partners,” enthuses Angela.

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