A Day in the Life of a Closer

A Day in the Life of a Closer | Telephones for business

A Day in the Life of a Closer

It all started the night before….

12-7am: Our closer has been visualizing beating his quota all night in his dreams… Our closer has awoken from his slumber, and since he is a closer, he is qualified to make himself some coffee, according to the old adage: coffee is for closers

8-8:30am: Our closer lines up his calls for the day inside his CRM, and aligns his Kixie right beside his chrome browser, ready to drop voicemails, appear as a local number to all his clients, and schedule follow-ups with one click.

830am-Noon: Our closer hammers out calls, each one with only one-click, juicing his connection rate with automatic local presence dialing, and leaving the perfect voicemail every time without ever saying a word. He spends zero time logging calls manually, and whenever he needs more context on a call he’s about to make, he quickly listens to the recording of the previous call inside his CRM. All in all, he probably saves himself 2 hours a day, and connects with 4x more clients in the process!

Noon-1:30pm: Our closer is about to leave for lunch, when he gets an automatic phone call from his sales phone service. It’s a hot lead who has just filled out a contact form, and his phone service is automatically connecting a call to this lead for him. Since he caught the lead with the highest possible buying temperature, he effortlessly closes the deal- and then heads to lunch! If any of his prospects call while on lunch break, the calls will be forwarded right to his cell with find-me follow-me, so he can take the call if it’s important, knowing it’s going to be logged automatically and recorded (as below) if he does.

2pm-5pm: Our uber-productive closer follows up on some scheduled calls, listens to some key call recordings from the day, cleans up his funnel, and starts to work on putting some deals together for tomorrow. When he is done with calls, he checks his call stats for the day before he heads home. 2017-04-03_1836 How did he manage to have such a productive day with so little time spent on manual repetitive tasks? How did he manage to stay on the phone selling for as much of his work-time as possible, and beat his sales quota? Kixie, that’s how!

Kixie is the IDEAL phone service for closers, offering click-to-call, 2-way CRM integration, automatic call logging, lifetime call recordings, automatic local presence dialing, voicemail drop, and PowerList dialing, all out of the box, and easy to try on for size. Everything you’d expect from a standard VoiP phone service, turbocharged with the ultimate toolkit for your closers.

See the video below for a sneak peak at the best features Kixie has to offer, and get yourself going on a free 7-day trial today, no CC required, setup takes less than 3 minutes.