6 Easy Tips To Increase Productivity in Your Call Center

6 Easy Tips To Increase Productivity in Your Call Center | Telephones for business

6 Easy Tips To Increase Productivity in Your Call Center

A study conducted by the team at American Express, 78 percent of the consumers polled claimed they have backed out of an intended purchase due to bad customer service. As the owner of a call center, it is your responsibility to provide the clients that call in with the highest level of customer service possible. The main priority you should have when running a call center is increasing productivity.

If your employees are not productive, it will usually lead to low profitability. Are you curious about how to increase the productivity levels in your call center? If so, check out the following tips.

1. Employees Need Flexibility

Providing your call center agents with a higher degree of flexibility and authority is a great idea. When challenges arise on a call, you want your agents to be able to handle them on their own. Often times, putting a customer calling in with a problem will only further complicate matters. The more flexibility you provide your agents, the easier it will be for you to increase productivity. Agents with a higher degree of flexibility will be more confident and more apt to take charge in challenging situations.

2. Increase Employee Participation

Call center agents who feel like they are a valued member of your team are more likely to be motivated and engaged while on the clock. When important decisions need to be made regarding the running of your call center, involving your agents is a must. Getting feedback from employees who are “in the trenches” on a daily basis can provide you with some unique insights. Not only will this feedback benefit you, it can make your agents feel like their opinion matters.

3. Allow Your Team to Take Frequent Short Breaks

High levels of stress in the call center environment is quite common. Finding ways to reduce the stress your employees are experiencing is vital. Allowing your agents to take frequent short breaks is a great way to allow them to regain their composure and come back to their work with renewed vigor.

4. Real-Time Metrics Are Essential

Providing your agents with real-time metrics regarding things like how many callers are in the queue and the status of other agents can be very helpful when trying to maximize productivity. Getting a look at this data will allow agents to figure out where their attention needs to be focused. While the software needed to provide these real-time metrics will cost you money, it is well worth it considering the higher level of efficiency this software can provide.

5. Provide Employees with More Information About the Caller

If an agent has to spend a long time finding out information about the person they are talking to, it will lead to longer hold times and lower productivity levels. Investing in call center software specifically designed to provide agents with information about a called is important. If agents have all of this information ahead of time, they can get right to helping a customer with their problem.

6. Incentives and Rewards

Perhaps the best way to motivate call center agents is by providing them with rewards and incentives. Offering things like extra vacation days or even a week of free lunches is a great way to increase productivity. Be sure to get some feedback from your agents regarding the type of incentives and rewards they would like to receive before making any decisions. Are you looking for a way to increase the number of calls you can make in your call center?

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