3 Proven Sales Engagement Strategies You Must Know In 2023

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3 Proven Sales Engagement Strategies You Must Know In 2023 | Telephones for business

3 Strategies to Increase Customer Loyalty and Drive More Sales Using Sales Engagement Best Practices

While having a quality product is important, the primary factor behind increasing sales is the way you engage and connect to your customer base. 80% of sales happen during the follow-up process, so it’s not enough to simply contact a customer a single time. Having a CRM is only part of the equation, as this will handle data storage and organization relating to consumer interactions; you also need to worry about sales engagement. A good sales engagement strategy fills in the gaps your CRM can’t cover, creating a personalized experience for your customer to encourage better long-term conversions.

3 Best Sales Engagement Strategies for 2023

1. Optimize Your Sales Content

One of the best ways to enhance your engagement strategy is to develop your existing content channels or create new ones (depending on your specific objectives.) Content is a foundational element in most areas of the sales funnel, with each type serving different purposes. For example, let’s say you want to connect with entirely new consumers. To do this, you’ll need to expand the “awareness” section of your sales funnel, which is best facilitated by social media content, blogs, and videos.

If you already have a customer’s attention and want to increase their interest, you can add whitepapers to your content strategy. Whitepapers utilize research and statistics to provide a deep dive into a specific product you offer. You can capitalize on this interest with case studies, which show the real-world applications of your services. Working together, these content types help establish authority within your industry, increasing customer loyalty and boosting conversion rates.

2. Use the Power of A.I. and Automation

Automation is the driving force behind a solid sales engagement platform, with numerous tools using the power of A.I. to facilitate a better customer experience. Automation tools can also decrease the number of tasks your representatives need to contend with, allowing them to concentrate fully on active conversations with clientele. For example, platforms like Kixie give you access to invaluable automation programs like:

  • Auto-Call/Auto-SMS: The combination of Auto-Call and Auto-SMS allows you to design a follow-up protocol to sustain engagement over time. By scheduling through Google, Outlook, or your existing CRM, these automation tools eliminate the need for individual contact identification or manual messaging.
  • PowerCall: Advanced sales dialers like PowerCall streamline the outbound sales process. Using the multi-line PowerDialer, PowerCall lets your rep contact as many as ten leads simultaneously. The connection process is fully automated, giving your team the extra time they need to focus entirely on engaging their prospects in conversation over the phone. This program can help you improve sales without increasing your headcount, giving a single rep the ability to achieve a much higher volume.
  • Auto-Dial Lead Caller: One key engagement strategy is to use website contact forms to gather leads; unfortunately, many make the mistake of not utilizing these leads quickly enough. Engagement can wane over time, and quick follow-up (within minutes) is the key to securing a conversion and establishing a relationship with the consumer. An Auto-Dial lead caller solves this issue, instantly connecting a sales representative to a customer after they’ve entered their information.
  • Automatic Call Distribution: Building off the data your CRM collects, Auto-Call Distribution uses artificial intelligence call routing to direct customers to the most qualified representative. This tool is essential for improving the experience of inbound callers, who can often lose interest during the hold times or menu trees many companies utilize. Auto-Call distribution factors in numerous pieces of information, including the location and deal size of the contact, to reach the best possible team member quickly.

3. Integrate Omnichannel Outreach Into Your Sales Engagement Strategy

These days, it’s not enough to use all of the channels at your disposal; you need to make sure they are fully integrated and working together. By using omnichannel outreach in your sales engagement strategy, you can ensure a fluid and personalized experience for every lead you contact. You’ll need to create a seamless connection between every point of contact through the use of automation and engagement tools. Content, emails, text messages, and phone calls; omnichannel outreach involves analyzing and combining all of these elements together into one cohesive experience.

Omnichannel outreach can boost your sales engagement in a number of ways, including:

  • Better Lead Connection: More channels mean more opportunities to connect with leads, and omnichannel outreach is the best way to access a more significant percentage of the available consumer base. You can also use the response rates each channel achieves to determine your ideal customer profile better, letting you tweak your strategy to hone in on your key demographic.
  • Better Resource Utilization: Even if you already use a multi-channel outreach system, you’re likely missing out on each channel’s full potential. By integrating and streamlining these into an omnichannel strategy, you can maximize your resource utilization. This allows you to cut down on unnecessary budget strain and improve your bottom line.
  • Higher Customer Retention: The more mediums you provide customers to reach you through, the better chance you’ll have of establishing a long-term relationship. By allowing your customer base to call, text, and email, you are giving them the ability to personalize their engagement experience. The more engaged your customers are, the more likely they are to return. Not only that, but positive interactions tend to be shared with family and friends, creating organic word-of-mouth advertising for your brand.

What is the Best Sales Engagement Platform?

The right sales engagement platform can galvanize customer loyalty, improve your company’s image, and secure the long-term conversions necessary to remain profitable. On the other hand, the wrong platform can wreak havoc on your brand’s image, overtax your budget, and waste valuable leads.

The current leader in sales engagement software is Kixie. Kixie is an all-in-one platform that provides your reps with the tools they need to save time and increase sales. With features like local presence dialing, which lets you utilize trusted local area codes, and voicemail drop, which eliminates the chance of error when recording sales messages, Kixie can streamline your sales strategy and help achieve a much higher conversion rate.

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