Your Entire Team as Inside Sales Force

Your Entire Team as Inside Sales Force | Telephones for business

Today, most inside sales contacts are handled remotely. This type of sales involves high-touch work over the phone and via email. Since your team knows more about your products than any outside sales pro you could hire, give them the tools they need to excel and watch your sales numbers soar.

What Is Inside Sales?

Inside sales refers to a sales team that connects with clients and customers via phone, email and social media messaging rather than seeking face-to-face meetings. This somewhat more subtle form of sales is the norm in business-to-business sales and in the technology industry. Inside sales is a more cost-effective way to reach customers and is actually preferred by a large number of buyers.

Why You Need to Have an Inside Sales Strategy

Just because your inside sales team works from an office or home rather than being on the road doesn’t mean that they are less essential or that they need less of a sales strategy than your outside sales team.

How a Great Telephony System Adds to Your Inside Sales Strategy

A great telephony system (a.k.a. VoIP protocol) is an essential tool for any inside sales team. Such systems combine the features of a dynamite phone system, such as one-click dialing and voicemail drop, with computerized features like local presence dialing and real-time call coaching. Having all of these tools at your disposal makes it easy to monitor your team’s results, as well as gives them the tools they need to carry out your sales strategy.

How Your Strategy Can Make Your Sales Team More Efficient and Productive

Knowing what is expected of them makes any sales team more efficient and more productive. With a good, easy-to-understand strategy in place, your team members don’t have to waste time deciding what to do next or which customer to contact. It’s all laid out for them. A good strategy can also help boost employee morale since there is no guesswork as to what is expected of them. To learn more about how a great telephony system can increase your inside sales team’s results, schedule a free demo with us!