What Is Outbound Sales?

What Is Outbound Sales? | Telephones for business

When you’re trying to build a business, there are two ways that you can build your audience of customers. First, with inbound techniques, you build your company’s reputation and increase visibility so that leads naturally approach you; then, with outbound techniques, you approach potential customers, explain the benefits of your business, and appeal to their desire to purchase from you.

One of the most important parts of an outbound strategy is outbound sales. When you tackle outbound sales, you reach out to people who might be interested in your company in the hopes you can convince them to buy. Sometimes these people are already leads, and sometimes they’re not. However, your ultimate goal is figuring out what drives them to buy and convincing them that they’re someone who wants to do business with your company.

The Importance of Outbound Sales Strategy

When you undertake outbound sales, you can’t just wing it. Instead, it’s crucial for you to develop an outbound sales strategy. First, developing an outbound sales strategy is important because outbound sales is a technique that works.

However, outbound sales is also a lengthy process. Studies show that it can take 18 phone calls to connect with a buyer, so you need a plan to help ensure that you effectively maneuver the long process of reaching a buyer, and then converting them. Your outbound sales strategy should include things like incorporating a CRM so you can keep track of where each lead is in the sales process, and more.

How a Telephony System Can Improve Your Outbound Sales Strategy

One key element of an outbound sales strategy that will help you sell more effectively, is using the right telephony system. Telephony systems not only integrate with your CRM to automate the process of keeping track of where a prospect is in the funnel but can also provide you with insightful information before a call or conversation, which will make that conversation more personalized or effective. It can also automate the process of leaving a voicemail, which makes the call process easier and less time consuming for everyone involved.

If you are looking to develop an outbound sales strategy that incorporates a phone system, check out Kixie. Our telephony system and software integrates with your existing phone system and CRM to make reaching your sales leads – and converting them to customers – even easier and more convenient than ever before.