Top 3 Traits of a Great Sales Dialer

20 January 2017
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Top 3 Traits of a Great Sales Dialer | Telephones for business

Top 3 Traits of a Great Sales Dialer

Traits of a Great Sales Dialer A sales dialer can help you and your sales staff perform at peak efficiency. Staff spend less time dialing and more time on calls which means more sales. But how do you choose a great sales dialer software? Look for these three essential features.

Local Presence Dialing is a feature that enables you to call using phone numbers that have the same area code as potential customers. This is useful because prospects are up to 5 times more likely pick up local calls than long distance phone numbers. Your first impression on the prospect - your caller ID - can make a difference. More connections means more sales. Local Presence Dialing could improve sales by 40%. And it does not require more manual or arduous work as Kixie does this automatically for you with 1 click. You can just toggle the feature on or off depending on your needs. Check out this article for more details.

Voicemail Drops are crucial in saving you time. The average sales rep makes about 100 calls per day. It takes about 1 minute to leave a voicemail, so leaving 100 voicemails could waste about an hour and a half of your time. With Voicemail Drop, you can leave a perfect prerecorded voicemail message with just one click. It’s also great for building credibility and closing deals. If you go into your Kixie profile, you will see the Voicemail drop tab. Just add a new recording, name it, and upload. Voicemail Drop saves you time and energy. Click on this link for more information.

Call Coaching is a great feature for sales managers. Managers can see how their sales staff are performing and give them advice on a call. This immediate feedback can be invaluable during training. Sales reps are more likely to remember what they need to change when they get immediate feedback. Managers can click on their staff’s name, “Listen” to their conversation, and “Whisper” advice to the agent if they need to. With the “Whisper” feature, customers do not hear the manager’s advice. Managers can also “Speak” so the customer can hear the manager, essentially creating a 3-way phone call. For more details, check out this article.

Save time and energy with a great sales dialer to help you make more sales. These three features of a great sales dialer - Local Presence Dialing, Voicemail Drop, and Call Coaching - are available on Kixie’s Enterprise Plan. Click here for a free trial of Kixie.

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