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LeadShare: Automatic Lead Distribution | Kixie | Telephones for business

LeadShare: Automatic Lead Distribution | Kixie

Incoming phone leads are precious cargo, and you want to make sure they get distributed evenly amongst your sales reps, so they have a sense of being treated fairly and set up to succeed. But how does a sales manager accomplish this in an automated way?

There are plenty of services that charge hundreds of dollars per seat for lead scoring and equitable or variable distribution among your reps. But for many sales teams, hundreds of dollars per month for this is not budget-friendly enough to be seriously considered. And that is why LeadShare was created.

LeadShare ensures that whoever answers the call moves to the back of the line, so everyone has a fair shot at answering those precious inbound calls, and it’s never about who happens to pick up the fastest. Now everybody’s happy, because their sales numbers are now more a result of effort and skill, not sheer luck or how good they would be at clicking a Jeopardy! clicker.

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