Easy and Affordable Voicemail Drop Software for HighLevel CRM

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Easy and Affordable Voicemail Drop Software for HighLevel CRM | Telephones for business

If your team is engaging in outbound calling campaigns, chances are your reps are hitting voicemail boxes often. This isn’t necessarily a setback, especially when you use voicemail drop software to leave a pre-recorded voicemail in your prospect’s inbox.

In this article, we share some helpful tips and software recommendations to pair with HighLevel CRM for optimized, legal voicemail drops.

What is Voicemail Drop?

Voicemail drop is a software tool often offered by VoIP or sales dialer providers. It allows you to drop a voicemail in a recipient’s inbox without listening to the entire voicemail inbox greeting. Once the call rings through and you hear the beginning of a voicemail greeting, you can click a button to drop a pre-recorded voicemail.

This technology saves sales reps a LOT of time, especially when calling 100+ leads per day. When using Kixie PowerCall, leaving a pre-recorded voicemail drop is easy. Simply listen for the voicemail greeting, click the voicemail icon in the dialer, and select the voicemail you’d like to drop. You can record and save as many voicemail messages as you want in the Kixie dashboard.

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Are GoHighLevel Voicemail Drops Ringless?

In short, yes, HighLevel voicemail drops can be ringless. However, we do not recommend using ringless voicemail drops as they exist in a legal gray area, and may end up making you lose sales. Instead, we recommend using legal voicemail drop software.

The answer is: probably not. However, in order to make sure your sales process is legal, you can connect HighLevel with Kixie. HighLevel CRM allows you to incorporate voicemail drops through their workflow automation options, and you must have a valid phone number setup in your subaccount. By integrating Kixie with HighLevel, you can purchase a phone number for your account, and setup and record as many voicemail drops as you would like.

Then, once your team is ready to make outbound calls, they can drop a voicemail with just a couple clicks in the Kixie dialer. All of that call and voicemail information will be automatically integrated into HighLevel for seamless tracking and reporting.

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To setup your power dialer with voicemail drops, start by integrating HighLevel with Kixie. HighLevel CRM and Kixie share a native integration, so as long as you are an admin in both accounts, you can connect them in minutes.

Start in the Kixie dialer. Click on the dropdown menu in the upper right-hand corner, then choose the Settings button. Select CRM and add a new CRM by selecting the ‘+’ in the upper right corner. Select HighLevel in the dropdown, and follow the prompts to authorize and connect your accounts. Once your CRM is connected with Kixie, calls, texts and other data will automatically be logged in HighLevel.

To create your first voicemail, follow these instructions, which include a quick video to get you started.

Get Started With Voicemail Drop Software for GoHighLevel

It’s easy to get started dropping legal voicemails with Kixie and HighLevel. For a free, 7-day trial fo Kixie, click here. Kixie integrates with all versions of HighLevel, even white-labeled accounts. We’d be happy to help you setup voicemail drop and other calling and texting tools to accelerate your sales process – let’s chat!