How Combining Gamification With CRM Can Change Everything

How Combining Gamification With CRM Can Change Everything | Telephones for business

How Combining Gamification With CRM Can Change Everything

Customer relationship management (CRM) strategies are utilized to gather data that helps companies become more appealing to their clients and potential clientele. These strategies are constantly evolving, and if you’ve paid attention, you have likely heard that gamification and CRM are becoming more entwined. Gamification can increase productivity, collaboration, and morale, but its integration is also changing the foundation of CRM.

Gamification Means More In-Depth CRM

One of the best parts about utilizing gamification in CRM is the fact that it encourages better data collection. This data is vitale for improving targeting strategies and customer retention. By turning client contacts or aspects of note-taking into a game, for instance, the amount of data collected will increase and be more in-depth. This is the exact information utilized by CRM to better serve customers. With the right CRM software, this additional data is a goldmine.

Provides Insight into Focus Areas

In addition to gathering more data, utilizing gamification in the CRM world enables you to identify problem areas and give them the focus they need for resolution. Some companies have already created apps that use visual progress displays in order to improve CRM software adoption and expand activity records and other vital customer relationship management essentials. While visual progress displays may seem like the minimal amount of gamification a company could undertake, it has still shown substantial promise. The company IActionable, for instance, saw more than a 100 percent increase in targeted activities after including a gamification app that utilized visual displays in their CRM activities.

New Technologies Offer New Horizons

Gamification has been around in some form or another for well over a century, and that’s if you’re only counting the more modern strategies. The only real change is the technological advancements utilized in the tactics. When it comes to these improvements, though, the best still appear to be on the horizon. Over the past few years, there has been an influx of new startups that are pure gamification. From Badgeville to UserInfuser, these apps provide service as a software (SaaS) gamification that allows companies to improve upon current processes. While many of these apps don’t yet work within CRM, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other essential business programs, their eventual integration will change enterprise software forever.

The gamification of CRM has been a long time coming, but it appears as if companies are finally making the integration a priority. Gamification has long been used to improve business processes, and now that enterprise solutions are advanced enough to utilize these processes, you’ll undoubtedly see huge advancements in CRM over the coming years.