Auto Dialer, Predictive Dialer and Power Dialer: Key Differences.

Auto Dialer, Predictive Dialer and Power Dialer: Key Differences. | Telephones for business

If you’ve been looking for a way to bring efficiency to calling your leads, you may have come across Auto Dialer, Predictive Dialers and Power Dialers. Are you wondering what the key differences are between them? Let’s clarify and compare these auto dialer solutions…

Auto-Dialers vs. Predictive Dialers

In the case of an auto-dialer system, the calling software would call out a bunch of phone numbers, one after the other, leaving pre-recorded voicemails in the event of no pick-up, and in the event of a pick-up, connecting the call to an available rep.

A predictive dialer system takes it up a notch, and instead of calling a list of numbers in sequence, it calls all those numbers at once. When one of the numbers answers the call, it will connect that call to an available rep. These are generally more expensive than auto-dialing solutions. Both of these dialers will have a brief pause before connecting with the customer and they are meant to call 500+ leads a day. The sales rep has NO control of who they are calling, when to call them and no information about the lead.

Power Dialers vs. Predictive Dialers

Power dialers and predictive dialers are two sales dialers with distinct features. Power dialers do the job of automatically dialing, routing calls, pausing between calls, and creating call queues in order to save sales productivity. This is especially useful for sales teams following up on warm leads who need to make many sales calls in quick succession.

How Does a Predictive Dialer Work?

Predictive phone dialers use more advanced algorithms to forecast when an agent will best be able to connect with a customer based on the amount of time it will take them to complete the previous call. This type of automated outbound dialer predicts when customers will be available and taking into account any pauses made by agents or dropped calls, predictive dialers help sales personnel optimize their productivity by automatically calling a customer at the most opportune moment to avoid idle time. Regardless of which sales dialer you choose, these systems provide valuable insight into sales operations and represent an important part of today’s sales process.

What is a Power Dialer?

In the case of power dialers, the rep is in control of placing the calls as opposed to an automated system. A power dialer system such as Kixie PowerCall is great for account managers and closers. A power dialer is not meant to call out 500 leads a day, however, a power dialer is still going to be a big step up from manually dialing phone numbers. These power-dialing characteristics range from one-click calling, to local presence dialing (automatically matching the area code you are calling), leaving pre-recorded voicemails, and even loading up lists of contacts and pressing play to call down the list one by one, much like an auto dialer system.

The key here is that the rep is in control, and has the space to create the best calling process that they can with the power-dialing tools at their disposal. The rep can listen to a previous sales call they had with the prospect, read some notes, and then close the deal.

What is a Multi-line Power Dialer?

There are a few different options on the market that can be considered power dialers, but Kixie PowerCall is an automatic dialer system that provides all the power-dialing features described above, plus the ability to dial multiple lines at once with no connection lag.

More specifically, a multi-line power dialer is a type of partially automated outbound dialing software that helps call center agents make more outgoing calls in less time. It does this by automatically dialing multiple phone numbers, and then connecting the agent with the first person who picks up. This allows agents to increase their chances of getting a live connection, which can help to increase sales conversion rates. In addition, multi-line power dialers often come with features like call recording, voicemail drop, CRM integration, real-time dashboard reporting, and more – which can help call center managers and agents monitor and improve performance.

Kixie offers a 10-line power dialer with an extensive suite of sales engagement tools all for one low monthly price. Start your free trial of Kixie, no credit card required, or schedule a demo with one of our team members for a 1-on-1 walkthrough of the Kixie PowerCall dialer.