8 Funny Sales Memes to Stay Motivated

8 Funny Sales Memes to Stay Motivated | Telephones for business

8 Funny Sales Memes to Stay Motivated

Whenever the grind is getting to me or I’m frustrated over something at work, I try to find the humor in the situation. Having a sense of humor during low points at work helps to relieve the stress, frustration, or monotony that all salespeople face at one time or another. You know what’s a reliable source for sales humor? Sales humor memes, of course!

Without further ado, here are some of the best sales memes to help you reset and get your energy and motivation back. There’s even some (hopefully) worthwhile advice below each one, so if someone calls you out for looking at memes at work you can tell them it’s educational!

When you want to ask the customer, “Did I stutter?”

the office meme

There are three days left in the month, you haven’t hit quota yet, you have 30 other people you need to call today, you’re hoping to eat lunch at some point, and the customer you’re talking to won’t shut up about their cat’s eating habits.

You’re just about ready to throw your headset across the room.


Hungry (or hangry) as you might be, this is an opportunity to build rapport with your customer.

Sales is all about building trust.

According to LinkedIn’s 2020 State of Sales Report, 88% of buyers say that the salespeople they ultimately do business with are “trusted advisors.”

So take a few minutes to listen, and at least try to sound interested.

It might just be the key to closing the sale.

When the decision maker is in a meeting and it’s messing up your mojo…

“They’re in a meeting, can I take a message?”

You know the chances they actually get that message are little to none.

And the chances they’ll call you back? Forget about it!

You know the drill. Ask when they’ll be free, call back then.

One small silver lining, if you don’t already have their email address you can ask for it now.

Say you don’t want to have to keep bothering them with calls, so what’s the best email address for them?

That way, the next time you call you can say you’re just following up on an email correspondence.

As we say in sales, 10% of the time it works every time!

When you want to call your marketing department an “idiot sandwich.”

gordon ramsey meme

Whether you’re getting your leads from marketing, BDRs, or somewhere else, bad leads aren’t just annoying, they’re a big waste of time.

If your teammates also feel like their leads are cold as ice, it might be time to step up and do something about it.

If you approach it the right way – with respect, constructiveness, evidence, and a viable solution or two – you’re likely to succeed.

Even if you don’t, your manager will probably be impressed that you took the initiative!

You know darn well your prices can’t be beat…

kid coffee meme

I’ve seen this one happen countless times.

The customer balks at your pricing and asks for a discount.

You stay firm.

They say they’ll go somewhere else.

You wait…

And wait…

And lo and behold, they come crawling back, ready to buy.

It’s the best feeling in the world.

When you’ll say anything and be anybody to close the sale…

spiderman meme

This is a great tactic – until you get in over your head.

You’re stuck in a lie, and now the customer expects you to know what they’re talking about.

Instead of telling the customer you’re “something of a [whatever they just said] yourself,” say you’ve been wanting to get into [whatever they just said] or have been wanting to learn more about it.

You won’t get caught in a lie, and they’ll naturally want to give you advice.

Voilà, a bond is formed.

When you get excited over a new LinkedIn connection…

will ferrell meme

Yes, it’s exciting when that hard-to-reach prospect accepts your LinkedIn request.

No, you shouldn’t immediately InMail them to tell them how excited you are.

Message them, but decide carefully what you say.

Put yourself in their shoes; what would you want to hear?

When you just have to fake it to make it…

clown meme

During my first year in sales, I kept a sticky note with a single word stuck to my monitor:


It’s as effective as it is simple.

Even though the customer can’t see you, smiling makes you sound friendlier, happier and more engaged on the phone.

And no, it doesn’t matter if it’s a fake smile.

When your manager is looking over your shoulder while you’re reading this post…

yoda meme

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