5 Best Sales Memes of 2020 to Keep You Motivated

5 Best Sales Memes of 2020 to Keep You Motivated | Telephones for business

You may scroll over them on LinkedIn, or maybe your deskmate sends them to you every day at lunch, either way, at least one of them is bound to make you chuckle.

Although being a sales reps can feel like a serious job, it’s always a good idea to take a second to find the humor in things. Funny sales memes are a great way to gain a lighthearted perspective on the sales process. Plus, by having a quick laugh, you can also inspire yourself to get back to the grind and maintain your motivation until you hit your quota.

To help keep you motivated—and smiling along the way—here are the 5 best sales memes of 2020 for you to enjoy:

1. When You’re Excited to Use the CRM

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Dealing with your CRM and CRM integrations don’t have to be such a hassle when you have the right mindset.

Once you close that deal, try to act like this girl—stoked for the opportunity to get things rolling. Of course, the sales process may not be as fun as playing with bubbles, but sales reps should learn a thing or two from this funny sales meme.

2. As a Sales Rep, Try Not to Get Discouraged

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Sales teams have all faced this dilemma—making several attempts to reach a lead with no progress at the end of the day.

If there’s anything you can learn from Dwight Schrute (arguably the best salesman in Scranton, PA), it’s that you can’t let setbacks stop you from closing a deal. If a lead doesn’t respond, send them an email, shoot them a text, or simply label the call disposition as “left a voicemail.” Whatever you do, don’t give up!

3. Don’t Take “No” for an Answer

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Yes, the Lord of the Rings had some tenacious warriors, and you can believe that they didn’t let a little bit of adversity deter them from landing a deal.

The same mindset applies to sales teams looking for some much-needed sales motivation. If a prospect gives you a quick “no,” then that’s when the real selling strategy takes place. From that response, you can work your way through whatever discounts you can offer. Talk with your sales manager to see if you can throw in any additional benefits. Whatever you do, don’t settle for “no.” Instead, remain persistent and accommodating until you reach a “yes.”

4. When Your Sales Goal Seems Outrageous

alt text

Not even the greatest amount of sales motivation can help you reach a sales goal like this, but funny sales memes can help diffuse the pressure that some sales managers put on their team.

Even if your sales goal seems like an outrageous number, all you can do is focus on the sales process and prioritize your leads. Rather than worrying about how you’re going to perform, simply put the pedal to the metal. Pick up the phone and start dialing. Start sending out cold emails. Use a sales engagement platform to understand your prospects better and rely on your local presence dialer to amass more calls.

When there’s a will, there’s a way, and remember, your only limitations are the ones you place on yourself!

5. After a Great Sales Coaching Session

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Sales teams need engaging sales enablement tools to become better B2B salespeople. However, not a lot of companies invest in sales coaching and training like they should.

That’s why—when sales reps receive training that helps them process call data—it leaves them feeling empowered to handle any kind of sales situation. At Kixie, there’s no sales engagement vs. sales enablement battle that leaves sales reps in the dark—we combine both resources to create a holistic sales approach that improves the sales process and helps exceed quotas.

All funny sales memes aside, the right training makes a huge difference.

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Having fun as a sales rep is key to finding success in the industry.

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