10 AI Tools to Help You Sell More Efficiently [+ Free Trials]

Kixie Team
10 AI Tools to Help You Sell More Efficiently [+ Free Trials] | Telephones for business

With an overwhelming amount of AI tools on the market, it can be challenging to sift through your options and make an informed decision about new AI sales software. 

Not to worry – we’ve curated the top 10 AI sales tools designed to turbocharge your sales process. We use many of these in-house at Kixie, and our sales reps rave about them. 

These AI software tools seamlessly integrate into your existing tech stack, revolutionizing how you connect with clients, analyze data, and close deals. Whether you’re a seasoned sales pro or just getting started… these AI tools are set to become your new best friends in smashing those sales targets.

Let’s dive in!

#1: Kixie – Conversation Intelligence + AI Powered ConnectionBoost

Kixie is a sales dialer & engagement platform that offers a number of tools that leverage AI technology. The outbound sales team at Kixie uses these tools to level-up their sales performance. Plus, our reps regularly give feedback to our product team to help improve our software.

Two of the most often used Kixie AI-powered tools are Conversation Intelligence and ConnectionBoost. Our conversation intelligence feature is trained using a large language model. It offers reps a full transcription along with call summaries, analyzes call sentiment, and automatically uploads all of this call data into your CRM.

Kixie homepage

One of the best AI tools for sales teams, ConnectionBoost is often used by outbound sales teams that want to dial with specific local area codes. Paired with the Power Dialer, reps can call up to 10 leads at a time with a phone number that is localized to them.

We also use AI technology to reduce the chances of a Kixie phone number showing up as “Scam Likely” on Caller ID. We’re constantly cleaning and updating our pool of local presence numbers to ensure that you have a low likelihood of calling out as spam.

Use Kixie for:

  • Analyzing your phone calls
  • Automatic call transcriptions
  • Local presence dialing
  • Spam prevention on outbound calls
  • Power dialing up to 10 lines at a time

Cost: Free for 7 days. Start your free trial here.

#2: ChatGPT – Copywriting + Brainstorming

By now, we assume you’ve heard of (and used) the generative AI sales tool, ChatGPT. The free plan is pretty powerful, especially if you are looking for assistance with drafting sales emails, generating proposals, or are brainstorming a new sales campaign.

The better you are at writing prompts for ChatGPT, the more nuanced and refined your results will be. We recommend telling ChatGPT what tone you would like your response to be written in (ie, professional, serious, casual, etc.). And remember to provide as much context as possible in your prompt. Use ChatGPT as your sales writing assistant, but be sure to double-check the responses you get!

Use ChatGPT for:

  • Drafting sales emails
  • Coming up with creative subject lines
  • Drafting sales proposals
  • Brainstorming new inbound and outbound sales techniques
  • Searching for new sales software

Cost: Free for version 3.5.

#3: HubSpot – ChatSpot and Forecasting Software

HubSpot is one of the most often searched-for and top-rated products on G2, and for good reason. The CRM is renowned for being accessible, easy to implement, and innovative. Earlier this year, they released ChatSpot, their version of generative AI chatbot that uses data stored in the user’s HubSpot instance to inform what it writes.

You can ask ChatSpot for information on your business' data, such as “How are sales doing in Q4?” or use their content assistant to write personalized sales emails and other enablement materials. Plus, their AI sales forecasting software helps business leaders make accurate predictions about future sales performance.

HubSpot homepage

Use HubSpot for:

  • Gaining insights from your proprietary data
  • Forecasting future sales revenue
  • Generating content with AI assistants

Cost: Free with your CRM, which starts at $50/mo.

#4: Opus Clip – Video Clips From Long-Form Content

So, you’ve just hosted a live webinar. Great work! Now what? One of the best ways to re-purpose long-form content is to create short, bite-sized video clips to share on social media. If you don’t have a video editor on the payroll, consider using Opus Clip to automate your video clip creation.

Their AI software pulls the best clips from your entire video and catches the main speaker even if they’re moving. Auto-generated captions and in-app editing features also help you get new video clips published ASAP.

Opus Clip homepage

Use Opus Clip for:

  • Creating more content from existing videos
  • Building your personal brand on LinkedIn
  • Trimming down long, informational videos

Cost: Their Free Forever plan allows you to process up to 60 minutes per month.

#5: HumanLinker – Sales Assistant With Real-Time Data on Prospects

If you’ve ever pondered the “right” time to reach out to a target account or cold call a business leader, HumanLinker has the data to answer your questions. HumanLinker is one of the best AI tools for sales prospecting, because they accumulate prospect data from various sources to give you a full picture of what your potential customers are doing at this moment in time.

Armed with this information, you can use their AI-powered copywriter to personalize your outreach, or pair with your sales dialer to make a phone call at the perfect time. You can also enrich your sales pipeline with data from HumanLinker, making it easier to understand your customers and prospects.

HumanLinker homepage

Use HumanLinker for:

  • AI-powered sales prospect research 
  • Personalizing your email outreach with real-time data
  • Enriching your CRM data

Cost: Free basic version, forever.

#6: Lyro - Intelligent Chatbot

Lyro is an AI-powered NLP chatbot by Tidio. Lyro’s key features include one click activation, FAQ scraping, intent analysis, scalable learning, and identification of popular topics. It’s a fully autonomous chatbot that learns from each customer interaction and can solve up to 70% of customer problems on it’s own.

Lyro is also safe for customer data. Powered by Claude - the most secure large language model on the market, Lyro remains a safe and ethical tool. Lyro also has responsive and efficient 24/7 support.

lyro ai powered chatbot

Use Lyro for:

  • Automating your customer service and FAQs
  • Staying ahead of customer demand in peak seasons
  • Providing instant customer assistance without overwhelming your support team

Cost: Free 7-day trial available, paid plans start from $39/mo.

#7: Meet Alfred – Automated LinkedIn Outreach

The benefits of a multi-channel sales outreach approach cannot be understated. In addition to phone and email, social media is another lucrative channel for sales. While your success with prospecting on social media no doubt depends on the industry your business targets, many folks are active for professional reasons on LinkedIn.

One of the easiest ways to reach new prospects on LinkedIn is to use an automated outreach tool that can send messages and connection requests in bulk. Meet Alfred makes it easy to send personalized LinkedIn messages at scale. Plus, you can enroll contacts in sequences to automate your prospecting further.

Meet Alfred homepage

Use Meet Alfred for:

  • Multi-channel automated outreach
  • Sending LinkedIn messages and connection requests at scale
  • Automated LinkedIn sequences

Cost: Free trial with plans starting at $49/mo.

#8: Clay – Build Lead Lists That Integrate With Your CRM

AI and automation are crucial for speeding up your prospecting efforts, and making outbound sales easier to get off the ground. For example, if your team cold calls into certain verticals, Clay can scrape data from LinkedIn, Google Maps, and other websites to create a list of prospects.

Clay’s AI tools allow you to become hyper-personalized and extremely precise in your potential customer interactions, increasing your chances of reaching a buyer actively interested in your product. Plus, you can also enrich your existing data from over 50 sources, all centrally located in one platform.

Clay homepage

Use Clay for:

  • Lead generation for outbound sales
  • Enriching data in your CRM
  • Finding local leads via Google Maps

Cost: Free for 14 days.

#9: Hippo Video – Video Creation for Go To Market Teams

If your prospects are burnt out from reading emails and answering phone calls, Hippo Video allows you to create personalized videos for each step in the customer journey. With their AI avatar and AI editing software, you don’t even have to be personally featured in the videos. 

This AI tool for sales and marketing is invaluable if you want to include video in your prospecting process. Hippo Video’s platform makes it easy to send personalized videos at scale, at all points along the buyer’s journey. They also offer pre-built templates to create videos for almost any sales or marketing situation.

Hippo Video homepage

Use Hippo Video for:

  • Creating and sending sales videos in bulk
  • Editing your sales and marketing videos
  • Tracking interactions with your videos

Cost: Free basic trial with pro plans starting at $20/user/mo.

#10: Decktopus – AI Presentation Deck Creation

Whether you are a manager or an individual contributor, everyone needs to create a slide deck at some point. That’s probably why Decktopus is one of the best AI sales enablement tools out there, and has so many positive reviews on G2. It’s easier and faster to use than PowerPoint or Google Slides. 

Plus, their AI deck generator allows you to put together a polished presentation in no time. Simply give Decktopus a presentation topic, audience, goal, and time limit, and you’re off to the races. Or, choose one of their many deck templates that are easily editable.

Decktopus homepage

Use Decktopus to:

  • Save time and create beautiful presentation decks
  • Use AI to write the content on your presentation
  • Get access to their stock image, chart and icon library

Cost: Free forever version without AI access, or pro plans starting at $7/user/mo.