Marketing Benefits

Smart benefits the competition does not offer.

Recover Missed Leads

You are a busy professional and cannot possibly answer every single phone call that comes in. When the phone rings and your staff is busy servicing the customers in your store, Kixie will automatically send a message to the caller to let them know you will call them back. You can also automatically send them links to your online booking forms or send an anticipated wait time message.

Get More 5-Star Reviews

Online reviews have proven to be instrumental in driving new and repeat business. Kixie makes it easy to be proactive with customer support. Solicit feedback from all of your callers automatically. If your customer did not like their experience, find out why and fix it. If they loved it, remind them to review you on yelp, google plus and more.

Caller Profiles

Kixie captures every incoming and outgoing call to intelligently transform your calls into complete customer profiles. Calls are no longer a sequence of 10-digit numbers; instead, calls are represented with full profile data including name, address and purchase history. Every customer interaction can be displayed.


Our reporting is simple to use and will help you understand a lot about your business. Easily identify which part of your marketing spend is driving the most calls. Quickly determine which employees are making their outbound sales calls. Immediately know if there is a serious problem with the volume of calls coming in or going out of your business.

Automated Marketing

Every call to and from your customers can generate a request to join your marketing list. Our automated service keeps you in compliance with the law and is extremely effective at building a qualified mobile marketing opt-in list. Kixie's campaigns are proven to convert 20% of your customers to become new members of your marketing list without you lifting a finger.

Increased Revenue

98% of SMS messages are read within 30 seconds. Your promotions and coupons will get seen by your customers instead of lost in overwhelmed email inboxes. It is as simple as 1-2-click to send a campaign to thousands of customers.

Because of the amazing reach our SMS campaigns have, we regularly see conversion rates between 8% and 20%. That is a significant amount of new sales after roughly 30 seconds of work.