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(Re)connect with your callers. Kixie is a marketing and customer communication solution built around your best leads: your phone calls.


Drive Revenue

Send coupon codes and special offers with one click.

Send all of your customers messages or segment your customers by new, repeat, frequency or geography to send highly targeted messages to increase sales and encourage repeat customers.

Increase your Social Presence

Automatically send links to your social media pages.

First impressions are crucial. Maximize your brand marketing to new callers by automatically sending them links to all of your social media pages like facebook, twitter and google+.

Better Customer Service

Reach out to your callers with personal communication.

Communication with your callers does not have to end when the call ends. Send announcements about new products, new hours or policy updates to keep your customers informed. It's also a simple way to immediately help out an unhappy customer.

Additional Features

Instant Insights

Within moments of signing up, we guarantee you will learn new information about your business and your customers.

Caller Profiles

Kixie automatically creates a customer profile for each of your callers adding valuable information from across the web.


Retarget callers with targeted direct mail and SMS campaigns.

Marketing Insight

Get rich insights into what marketing is working and what marketing needs to be reconsidered or optimized.


Our reporting and graphs are simple yet powerful. Easily digestible yet powerful enough for experienced statisticians.

Email Reporting

Our reports are delivered to your inbox based on your scheduling preferences so you can get the data you need wh you need it.