Top 5 Video Strategies To Narrow Down Your Sales Funnel

Top 5 Video Strategies To Narrow Down Your Sales Funnel | Telephones for business

Efficient sales cycle management is the top priority for most businesses today. One of the best tools to achieve this and engage your clients right at the start of the sales cycle is video. 

Statistics suggest that almost 70% of marketers who did not use video strategies earlier started using video in 2023. Likewise, 99% of those using video plan to use it more.

This makes video marketing an excellent way to introduce your business to prospects and helps you establish credibility and build trust among them.

Unlike the traditional lead nurturing methods, which usually take much longer, videos shorten the sales cycle significantly and help you close your deals quicker. Infact, 84% of consumers confirmed that watching a brand’s video has helped them buy a product or service.

To this end, we will discuss some of the top video strategies marketers can use to push cold leads further down the sales funnel to improve their conversion rates. Plus, if you need any help with using video in your cold emails, you can always speak with an email marketing expert to help you along the way. 

Importance Of Prospecting Cold Leads Using Videos

Cold leads generally refer to prospects who haven’t shown direct interest in you or your product/service but are still your target customers. 

Video prospecting is a great way to connect with this set of audiences and move them toward conversion. Leveraging videos is an easier option here as they both add a distinct face to the request and can be viewed anytime. 

A recent study found that about 96% of video marketers say that videos help their users better understand the product/services and make it easier to get an appointment with a cold lead. In the modern business world, you don’t need a special in-house team - you can choose a video production studio to create everything you need for your video strategy.

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Top 5 Video Strategies To Warm Up Cold Leads 

The top funnel in any sales cycle should capture your prospect’s interest and convert your cold leads to warmer ones.

In this section, you can leverage various video strategies, such as adding personalized thumbnails and involving the lead in the conversation with interactive CTAs for better sales conversions. 

1. Personalization Is Key

A personalized video introduction can play a huge role when offering a warm and welcoming initial impression to a prospect. Leveraging a welcome email with a customized video is an effective way to engage new clients, especially if they have not heard of you or your brand yet. 

Besides helping you introduce yourself and your organization, videos also allow you to showcase your product/services, expertise in the field, and overall experience.

This, in turn, helps you build more trust in potential clients, giving them the impression that they already know who you are even before they meet or speak to you. 

2. Prioritize Client Follow Up

As soon as you get a new lead in your sales funnel, it is important to follow up  with them fast. Whether the lead has come through a website, in-person meeting, or referral channel, the key is to follow up using a strong medium like a video email. 

A quick and friendly follow-up video helps you maintain momentum and keep the sales moving through the funnel. You can also leverage automation here to make the process even faster. 

For instance, you can schedule a pre-recorded video to go out to prospective clients to greet them and build excitement on how excited you are to work together. 

Data also suggests that with an increased click-through rate of at least 25% due to video thumbnails, video emails are far more effective than regular emails. 

3. Add Videos On Landing Pages

Adding short, crisp, and relevant videos to your landing page is another excellent way to attract more visitors to your website and move the cold leads further down the sales funnel. Data also suggests that adding a video on your landing page can boost conversions by over 86%. 

Apart from this, it is also important to A/B test both your videos and landing pages with the help of various testing software tools available in the market.  

This will allow you to identify the specific areas on your landing pages that need improvement, by recording specific user behavior, such as clicks. This will also help improve the overall user experience on your website. 

4. Include A Proper CTA In Your Videos

Creating high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, engaging videos would be useless if it doesn’t warm up your leads or generate targeted customer data to base new marketing campaigns. If approached correctly, videos can make powerful CTAs as they are much easier to consume than other content mediums.

For instance, video can have a major impact on the success of your email marketing campaign if, instead of using words such as “sign up now” in your email newsletter, you use “watch this video.”

Data supports this finding where there has been a 28% jump in newsletter signups using this approach, as watching a video is far more user-friendly than filling out email fields.

For both generation and conversion of leads with video, it is important to include a clear CTA at specific points or the very end. 

5. Drive Your Sales Process With Client Testimonials 

When it comes to warming up the leads at the top of your sales funnel, there’s nothing more effective and impressive than an excellent customer testimonial or review video from your previous users. In fact, 91% of B2B buyers today rely on word-of-mouth marketing to make buying decisions.

A video customer testimonial from an old client is social proof that convinces your prospects to build trust and credibility in your company. 

Video reviews and testimonials are among the best tools to capture such social proof effectively. They enable your previous or satisfied customers to share their stories and briefly illustrate how your product/service has helped them achieve their goals.


Video marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategies because of the evolving user preference from static imagery and mundane text to more interactive and engaging videos.

Apart from being highly informative, videos can be entertaining, which is why video content tops the list today in terms of user consumption. However, more than simply creating video content is required if you want to optimize it for lead generation and conversion.

To warm up your cold leads or encourage them to take the next step in the sales funnel, it is important to use the video mentioned above strategies. 

You can also utilize tools like video hosting platforms, CRM systems, and sales engagement platforms to integrate your video with your lead capture and management processes and get the most out of your sales funnel. 

Kixie is one such popular sales engagement platform that helps you boost the performance of your sales team with ultra-reliable, easily automated calling & texting, as well as sales automations that integrate with popular CRMs.